The weekend.

Happy Saturday evening friends!  Our weird, crazy Arkansas weather decided it'd swing the pendulum as far opposite as it could get from our frigid temperatures and surprise us with a balmy, spring-like day.  The girls even got to play with their water table on the back deck!  What a tease....

please oh please say Spring is coming!  
Yes, my heart and head tell me.  Spring is coming! It's no secret around here that Brett and I work on our marriage and one way we do that is by having date nights..sometimes out, usually at home.  This week was my turn to plan the date. Words like spring, hope, anew, color, warmth, sunshine, and GARDENING have been flitting in and out of my thoughts the last couple of weeks. 

And so, a garden planning date was in order.  I taped an array of gardening/spring type photos to the chalkboard that's still leaning precariously against the wall.  Some were my own photographs, and others pulled from my art journal basket (because they were magazine pages).  I quickly added a strand of twinkle lights because everyone always needs some on hand, added a few pillows for seating, and topped off our crate table with inspirational gardening/outdoor living books and crackers and cheese.  

It was fun and motivating and a date filled with great anticipation. It was near perfect.
I also crafted this little memory book for Anna Ruth this weekend. Want to know a secret?  It's actually two pieces of cardboard from a cheap cereal box that I hastily sewed fabric onto.  I don't keep every single piece of art she makes because we are an art loving family and have it in every nook and cranny. But, I have been saving the really special pieces.  The ones that involve she and I sitting down together, or a sweet conversation we had while creating.  I've been jotting down cute little things she says too...

Saturday morning we had a lazy time sitting around our dining room table. 

Followed by cookie making with Anna Ruth.  

She enjoyed the date set-up as much (or more) as Brett and I did!  I love to watch the girls eyes light up when they see a new little spot of wonder in the house. The twinkle lights are satisfying the need for a glow in the darkness that our Christmas tree left vacant.  

A very normal, routine day.  A day of rest and staying at home.  Laundry being folded (always so much laundry), little girls playing, lessons on obedience and sharing and asking for things nicely.  Hugs, kisses, chasing.  A Saturday spent in communion honoring those God has entrusted me with. 

And for a relaxing treat to end the day-hot chocolate, peanut m and m's, and a stack of photography books.  You?