I went to a Mary Kay Party! (and liked it)

Are you a makeup kind of gal?  I am most days.  I've always liked makeup but have the good (or bad) quality of being completely fine with myself without it also.  In fact, on the days we stay home all day a lot of times it's a treat to myself to not have to put it on.  I'm definitely not one of those gals that won't leave the house without it.  I do feel better with some on though..especially mascara. 

My friend from college has started selling Mary Kay makeup, which I was pretty unfamiliar with before I went to her Mary Kay party.  This is a dear friend of mine, since my college days.  She is a teacher at a local school and has started selling Mary Kay makeup in her spare time.  My twin sister hosted a party at her house and it was so much fun!  

I went, not knowing quite what to expect.  Mikayla (the gal on the left) had everything all set up so pretty and organized.  She taught us all about the skincare line first and we got to wash our faces with the best smelling, best feeling soaps and scrubs.  We also got to pamper our hands with some scrubs and lotions. What a treat for my very neglected, dry hands!
Isn't my twin sister beautiful?!   This is when she's about to get her makeup done.  Mikayla was so knowledgeable about the colors and techniques that would look best on each individual person.  

Of course, what's a party without snacks?!  We enjoyed munching on some cookies and a veggie platter with hummus in-between learning about Mary Kay products.  They have makeup, fragrances, and skin care.  After trying the foundation and skincare I can honestly say they have an awesome product! 
And the after!  I ended up ordering some eye shadow and a clear lip liner.  For now.  I loved each item in the catalogue so much I wanted to order more and plan on it in the days to come! 

If you're looking for a Mary Kay consultant, or want to have your own party with Mikayla,
you can send her an email at

This was such a fun break for me last weekend!  


  1. Mary Kay is the BEST! I've used it since I was pre-teen. My mom is a consultant. She doesn't actively work it so much now but I agree! I love all the colors and the skin care is the best ever! I'm so glad you discovered it and enjoyed your evening!


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