Ooops, I forgot Thanksgiving.

I was looking through some older pictures and came across these beauties and just had to have a laugh. I completely forgot to post about Thanksgiving!  We celebrated at my parent's house this year, with my twin sister and her family, plus my grandparents (Grandma and Papaw to me!)  

It was a day full of laughter, toy-playing, and of course-great food.  I even had seconds at lunch! It was THAT good! 
My sweet niece's braids looked adorable....
she is quite the personality.  She's a very animated little gal, almost all the time.  
I could watch her for hours! You never know what she's going to say or do next, or what face she'll make.  
My sweet Grandma helping.  This is a sight I will always associate with my Grandma.  She is such a servant, and always, always tends to the needs of others.  A top example for me. 
My silly girl! 

Dessert for days?
Yes please. 
My parents have a little toy workbench Anna Ruth always really enjoys. 
With the way her organized mind works I wonder if she'll grow up to be a builder? Or engineer? 

One of the sweetest moments of the day was when Caleb taught Papaw how to build something with the Legos.  Papaw said he'd never built anything with Legos before!  
I love these pictures.  They are priceless to me. 

What do your family holidays look, sound, smell, and taste like? 
I'd love to hear.


  1. These are sweet! I love the grand and great-grand parent ones! And I can't help but notice the pecan pie....I'm fairly certain I have never seen a pecan pie look so strategically perfect with organized pecans! That's fun!! :D

    1. The pecan pie clearly came from my mom or sis, lol! They got all the strategic, organized traits in the fam...I missed out! :)


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