It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas (DECOR!)

Are you into the Christmas spirit yet?  
I remember as a child the Christmas season seemed to last for weeks and weeks. 
The air even smelled different. 

Now, as an adult it seems to fly by faster every year.  I can't quite put my finger on why.  Perhaps it has something to do with MORE to do, and less being.  As a child I wouldn't have given it a second thought to breathe deep, the cold Christmasy air.  

As a grown-up, the minute my lungs start to fill up with the delicious air, my brain automatically kicks in saying "Shouldn't you be checking something off your list?"  And I just wonder why. 

To help fight that spirit of urgency to do more, be more, always more.......
I've tried to decorate intentionally this year.  With messages about what this season is really about, what our lives are about.  A message that will last through February at least, until we're ready to yawn, stretch wide, and welcome Spring with open arms.

But for now, this. 
Being present, joyful, hopeful. Restful.  Being okay with tucking in early and reading a great book under the covers.  Letting our minds and fingers our hearts can quicken after our Lord Jesus. 

Savoring, sampling, delighting in all that this precious gift of life and winter has to offer.

Looking at our Christmas tree each night I just think it's magical.  It's not bustling here or there, worrying,'s just glowy lights, warmth, light after light, covering up darkness after darkness.

And here I thought I just came to show off a few of my Christmas decorations. 
As with this blog, my life, and Christmas decor, there is always more beneath the surface. 
Merry Christmas season!  May your home be the brightest and merriest.