Bird-watching (truth and a DARE)

 Okay, Okay.....
I know what you're thinking. 
"You want me to do what?!"  
Yep, you read that right. 
 Todays truth or dare is totally UN-conventional. 
It might even come across as a little.......boring. 
But, you're going to have to trust me on this one. 
I want you to bird-watch.
 I captured all of these lovely beauties because we cut squares into the sides of an almond milk container, filled it with birdseed, and hung it up.  It was that simple and my, how the birds came flocking! This particular day was a bitterly cold one.  The world looked grey and gloomy at first glance.  But then, we looked again.  And harder still.
 I started to see it. 
My love language-color. 
Birds beautifully patterned and rich in hues. 
Not even knowing their beauty, just gathering bird-seed, flitting this way and that,
a peck here, a flutter of wings there. 
 This spoke to me. 
Although the world looked rather uninviting the birds weren't burrowed in their nests or leaves somewhere hiding until spring.  They were out, celebrating what was given to them.

Hmmm....might I learn a lesson or two from these beautiful birds.
Somedays I'm inside, doing load after load of laundry,
unloading the dishwasher just one more time,
practicing photography,
praying and thinking, one more time about the passions and dreams God has for me. 

Being faithful, just like these birds.  It's not glamorous or even necessarily exciting. 
But the birds know something, just as I do. 
I know that spring will come again....
and that the time spent in the warmth of winter,
the things bundled up in my heart,
the projects being worked on now, when no one knows or notices,

I invite you to do yourself a favor and find some birds to watch.