Tulsa Girls Weekend

I was blessed, lucky, honored, thrilled, tickled pink, and ecstatic to get a girls weekend away recently.  My twin sis and best friend since college drove to Tulsa for the weekend.  

Can't you feel my excitement?! :) 
We got to stay at my friend's brother's house, which was amazing.  He was traveling/busy for the weekend and was kind enough to let us use his house.  Such generosity!  His home looked like a historic one. It was awesome (living in a historic home still sounds so charming to me) 

This is my beautiful TWIN sis.  Did you know I'm a twin?  It's always strange to me when I meet people now who didn't know me then.  And who have no idea that I'm a twin.  Then, when I was creative but less confident, had terribly short hair, and worked at Wal-Mart.  It's so nice having people who've known you for the long haul.  There's just something about good, enduring friends.  And a bonus if they're family. :) 

The girls were mortified that I made them pose in front of the Anthropologie wall but look how great their pictures are! :)  Such beauties. 
The charming house we stayed in.  We watched t.v. (one of the strangest/funniest episodes of What Not to Wear EVER), played Heads UP (an app that's like charades), ate treats, and painted our nails.  

We also shopped, shopped, shopped.  I was most proud of finding some super cute clothes at the Goodwill in Tulsa. And getting to visit Anthropologie and buying a new mug and dish towel. I sound like a contradiction-putting Goodwill and Anthro in the same sentence. 

I almost fell over from the sheer joy of the creativity in Anthro......My eyes almost couldn't take it all in. I even saw a shelf there made from a board stacked on top of two large Mason jars.  Totally just like in my kitchen.  

This weekend was just what I needed.  It was time away, clothes obsessing, food eating, picture-taking, coffee drinking, laughing, spying, shopping, fried avocado, cheesecake, 

grace.  Just the "oomph" I needed......
my energy's been recharged! 
{What do you do to recharge?}


  1. Love to see your "happy pictures" of time away! It's so necessary for our mommy hearts and minds to refuel and rejuvenate with times like that!

    Now............I want to see a picture of your "super short" hair. *I* have always had super short hair--like Halle Berry/pixie short and I'm a BIG FAN!! But there are so few of us out there (who love and ROCK the short hair, if I do say so myself!) and I see you've let your hair grow now so I'm just being nosy and asking for a pic of "short haired Sara"! :-) Happy Monday!


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