Anna's Restaurant (pretend play)

Am I the only one who really gets into playtime with their kiddos?  It feels like a totally good reason to get to re-live childhood all over again.  I've read some of the popular posts on Pinterest or blogs that talk about the importance of playing with your child and I'm always kind of left scratching my head.  What else would I be doing? 

Anna Ruth's at the ridiculously fun age where her imagination is enormous.  We can literally make something from nothing all day long.  Which means I get to let my imagination run wild too.   Makes me think of the Beverly Clearly book, Emily's Runaway Imagination. 
We have this tree stump in our yard that Brett hinted at getting rid of one day and I said no way.  Anna Ruth loves using it as a little table, and it's almost always found topped with sticks, berries, or acorns.  One afternoon I decided we'd have a little restaurant party.  My clearance cupcake toppers came in especially handy, as did the Rice Krispy treat I'd grabbed at the store. 
We dined on a fancy meal of banana slices and Rice Krispy treats, served by the lovely waitress-Anna Ruth. 
She got really into the waitress role.  This little moment was so sweet.  I asked if if I could have another treat and she said "Sure!" and tore her Rice Krispy treat in half to share with me.  

We also fashioned an apron out of a fabric scrap and bunting.

Betsy Grace is always up for a good party, especially if it includes sweet treats!  She happily played on the blanket at "the restaurant". 
As the play went on "we" decided Anna Ruth needed a hat.  Ok, so I offered that suggestion up and Anna Ruth readily agreed.  Fun for all. My favorite is the leaf stuck in front :) Someday Anna Ruth will either think her mama was the most fun or the most ridiculous.  

After the restaurant closed down for the day we did chalk on the front porch.  I traced Anna Ruth's body. Doesn't this look just like her?

The funniest part was when I laid down and let her trace me too.  
Anna's restaurant was one of our most fun afternoons of play. I believe we'll return again!