It's here!! A Rosy Retreat (online class)

Friends, the arrival of my first online class is here! 
I am so excited about this new venture.  I really have no idea what to expect, as far as if people will sign up or not.  And can I be honest?  That really wasn't the goal while I was writing this.  I can sincerely say that after the concepts/chapters kept showing up in my heart and thoughts so consistently I couldn't drown them out anymore I began to write. 

I wrote early and late and in the middle of the day during nap time.  I prayed, mulled, and pondered.  And wrote some more.  I just felt an urgency, like I had a message I needed to share for someone....
even if I wasn't sure who.  So, I'm excited and thrilled to say the course is finished.  And I'm curious to see what others will make of it.

I'll be sharing excerpts from the course periodically over the next couple of months!

Topics and projects in parenthesis..Happy Hodgepodge (creating an inspiration/mood board), Learning through the Lens (photo scavenger hunts), If these Walls could Talk (adding JOY in your home/surroundings), Dear Diary (journaling!), Merry Mail (several ideas for fun mail exchanges), Movable Meet-ups (gathering with others in our busy world), and Plunging into Possibility (making a Possibility Jar)
Here's how this works,
-This is an online class written by me.  I'm calling it a class because you can email me questions or thoughts during the course if you wish (but you don't have to). 

-The class is made up of 10 chapters, 3 videos, and 7 projects that are doable and meaningful.  And lots of pictures... 

-The cost is $20 normally but to celebrate the GRAND OPENING WEEK, it is a special price of $15(10/2-10/9) and there is no expiration date for the course.  Once you buy the class you'll be able to log in to the blog hosting the course.  

-You can sign up by visiting the "A Rosy Retreat" tab above (on my blog) and clicking "Buy Now".  You'll pay via Paypal.

-You can take this course by yourself, or have several of your friends sign up too and discuss it together. 

-Each chapter is written first, followed by a project and pictures.

-This would make a great Christmas present or devotional for you and your real life friends to do, or even your blog friends! 

Any more questions?  Comment below!