Readers: Lend me your ears (answering your questions today!)

Mornin' everyone!  So I got the funniest call from Brett yesterday.  He'd taken a look at my blog (which is funny already, he knows I blog but I didn't think he read it on his own time) and was VERY concerned that I hadn't ever answered the questions ya'll asked on my birthday post. 

I assured him I was going to, but was saving it for a whole separate post.  
And so, today is your lucky day where I answer your intriguing questions and throw in a random mix of Iphone pics.  You're welcome. :) 

 (can I first just say what  HIGHLIGHT it was meeting Sophie Hudson, a.k.a. "Boo Mama" at AWBU. HIGHLIGHT I tell ya.  Written in true Sophie style, caps and all)
 1.) What's your very favorite book?

First-the bible. Now please don't roll your eyes and think that's just the good christian girl answer.  It really, truly is my favorite.  Because without it, all the other words in the world wouldn't make a bit of sense to me.  

Second, Bread and Wine, or really anything by Shauna Niequist AND A Homemade Year: The blessings of cooking, crafting, and coming together, written by Jerusalem Greer.  You should know that I'm also not suggesting this book because I think Jerusalem is overly kind, fun, and gracious and we can talk about Tim Gunn together and it not be weird.  Her book is perfection, her writing goes straight to my heart.  And for the record-I got to meet her at AWBU and she was lovely. 
2.) Where do you score your great vintage finds? (and what is my favorite flea market)

I'm going to tackle two questions at once because the answers are the same!  I like to find vintage/flea market finds at thrift stores mostly, along with a few other places.  My favorites are: Potter's House Thrift, 410 Vintage Market, Fayetteville Trading Post, and the Cross Church thrift store (in Springdale).   Also, I like both Samaritan Shops (in Springdale and Rogers).  The one in Rogers even has a great vintage section! :) I also love a good garage sale and constantly keep my eye out for things not being used and fallen by the wayside on the farm ;) And sometimes I'm blessed with FREE stuff, like the shutters my parents let me have.

3.)  What is your favorite, easiest breakfast muffin recipe? (kid-approved)
On a good day we go for the whole-wheat banana muffins, with applesauce substituted for something to make it healthier.  On a realistic day we make these. :)  But really, we don't make muffins that often, maybe once a month.  

4.) How is your 5k training going?
Well, I won third place and ran a 5k in 30 minutes at the AWBU conference last weekend! And I'm still attempting to run/walk at least 5 days a week.  I'll write more on this soon in another food post!

5.) If you could choose only one thing to eat for the rest of your life, what would it be?
(ok, Mrs. ManyHats, you stumped me with this one! Only ONE food, really?! :) ) 
First, I'd have to have coffee.  In addition, I'd probably eat Roasted Sweet Potato and Black Bean Tacos with avocado on top. Let's eat! 

6.) What is the most influential book you've ever read?
Hmmm....again, hard to narrow down.  Here are a few:

7.) What is your favorite birthday memory to date?
The surprise parties (with my twin sis of course!), once when I was 16, and then in college-an impromptu party thrown in a dorm room.  

8.) What is your favorite place to shop for clothing?
(can I just say this question made me feel honored.  I don't feel like that cute of a dresser a lot of times!  Maybe I need to show ya'll a more realistic picture of what I look like sometimes, lol)
I like Target, J.C. Penney's, Old Navy, Forever 21 (always a size large), sometimes Wal-Mart, New York and Company, and always thrift stores! :) And I always, always buy things on sale.  

9.) What was your favorite moment at AWBU? (Arkansas Women Blogger's Unplugged Conference)
Hearing the same message over and over, woven into each part of the conference.  The message that we are unique-be authentic.  To be ourselves. To live better to write better.  

10.) What did you do to recover from all the AWBU fun?
I drove home, with the radio cranked...Subway, coffee, and Diet Coke nearby :) 
And then I pulled up to my house and recovery time was over and I was met by my two sweet, giggly girls. :) Home, sweet home.

So readers, what do you think of the whole question/answer post? 
We should do this again! I had fun at least. :) 
I'd love to hear YOUR responses to these questions. 


  1. I suppose you can have both coffee and black bean sweet potato tacos! ;)

  2. I loved this post! And I'm getting ready to read the Desperate book! I'm pretty pumped about it :)

  3. So loved this... I also tried to comment on it from my phone a while back and it didn't work! Google and Apple must not be on speaking terms because I have had so many problems with Blogger posting my comments lately. Your book list looks so enticing! I'm going to have to look into some of those!


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