A look back at my birthday!

"Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me..."!
Well, the birthday's over isn't it?  I suppose I'll stop pretending like I can keep on celebrating, day after day.  On my actual birth DAY it was rather like a normal day.  We did go to my twin sister's house for a little playdate/birthday celebration which was fun.  I clearly made some tame party hats for us.  Actually-they were quite out of control and I loved that! I wish they would have stayed in our hair even better than they did...I might have been tempted to wear mine around the house the rest of the day.  Seriously-how fun are these?! 

One Sunday afternoon, before my birthday we had a party at my parent's house!  It was so much fun!  The kiddos got to play in the pool, which Anna Ruth adored.

Everyone say it together now....."Awwwww" 
Granna (my mom) was super sweet and let the little girls put the candles on my cake and my sisters.  Anna Ruth took her job VERY seriously, especially when she figured out you could poke the candle way down in the cake and get some chocolate icing on your finger.  Finger lickin' good. 

I love all the happy shown in this shot.  And for the record-no, I didn't wish for anything and no, I didn't blow all those candles out at once! 
Afterwards Brett and I delivered the girls to his mom and her sisters and we got to go on a little date.  We ate dinner out and I had a reuben sandwich and sweet potato fries.  Brett is a much more serious guy than I am so this is a normal look for him.  He's not mad at me, I promise. :) 

We also tried a new (to us anyway!) coffee place in town, Onyx Coffee Lab.  It's in the old Arsaga's building on Gregg (in Fayetteville).  It is FABULOUS.  The decor is super inviting and creative.  And the coffee? Amazing!  

I'm so happy I have a twin sister to share life with.  And so happy that my gals will know the blessing of having a sister.  And just like that-I was 30.  

{What's your favorite birthday memory since you've been a mom?}