Lake adventures (first boat ride with the girls)

Here's a random fact about me to start your day.  The lake is one of my happiest spots.  We drive over it anytime we go anywhere.  It looks different almost every single day.  An early morning fog can make it look calming, mysterious, and even a little sad.  An afternoon sun can make it glisten like diamonds.  Always changing, always intriguing.  The lake is a dreamy spot for me. 
We have a little bass boat we used to take out all the time before our girls were born.  We'd load up snacks and drinks, fishing poles, and a book or two for me so I wouldn't be tempted to chatter away for 3 hours straight (which I can do with no problem, thank-you very much).  Brett and I have had many adventures on the lake.  It's even where we got engaged.  The lake holds a special place in my heart because of that.  It's full of memories and feelings that can't be put into adequate words.
We'd been wanting to take the girls out for a little joy ride for quite some time. 

Okay, so in reality I'd been bugging Brett about it for months and months.  We finally picked a day and decided it was time.  At this stage in life we were trading our snacks for food for the girls, books and fishing poles for teeny-tiny life jackets.  I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.  

We started out on our adventure, with Betsy Grace quickly falling asleep.  She stayed that way for about an hour.  The lull of the water and sound of the motor was very relaxing to her.  Anna Ruth grinned so big almost the whole boat ride.  I was almost afraid her mouth would be permanently stuck in a smile (and really-would that be such a bad thing?)  Both girls listened, obeyed, and had a wonderful time. 

Anna Ruth also enjoyed waving at every single person we passed in the boat.  They all happily obliged her with a wave and smile back. 

We came upon this rocky beach and got out for a while to explore.  I could have easily collected rocks here all day!  Next time I must wear something with many pockets. ;) (and for the record-YES, I did find a heart rock here!)

On the way home (which is about a 2 minute drive) we were behind this old car.  The people inside obviously know the meaning of the good life.   This was an adventure we won't soon forget. In fact, we've talked about it every single time we've driven over this bridge.  Lake, you continue to steal our hearts.  Thanks for letting us glide on your water where adventure awaits.