Growing, giggly, gorgeous gals

Ya'll, these girls!  They are just incredible.  Anna Ruth and Betsy Grace both appear to have grown up right before my eyes.  It seems like every time I glance at them lately I think, who is that grown-up version of you?  Where's my baby?! 

Betsy Grace gets way less blog fame than Anna Ruth did at this age and that's just how real life is with two.  Betsy Grace is a very passionate little gal.  She squawks (for lack of a better word) and makes all kinds of noises, desperate to get her point across with us.  Especially when it comes to food!  She tries to crawl but can't seem to figure out how to get her belly to raise up enough.  She loves the cows and isn't scared of them at all, but cries easily at a loud sound inside the house.  
She's a cuddly hugger at times and it just melts me every single time.  When she lays still on me, sucking her thumb, it's like healing, grace, and heaven on earth all wrapped up in one.  
And then there's Anna Ruth.  You should hear her say her name!  She even gets the "Tor-ditt" in there. This gal keeps me laughing.  I truly never know what she'll say next.  Her newest thing is "I'm upset", she'll really say that and then work VERY hard to squeeze a tear out when she doesn't get her way.  I laugh and laugh over the dramatics of it after she's safely tucked away in bed.  

And THIS is the real life of a mama to two.  A baby on the hip, chugging coffee. 
Really, what else could I add to this picture?  It's two-year old Anna Ruth perfection. 
Betsy Grace got to see her first pumpkin!  I put it down in front of her and she cried.  So then I showed her how to pat it with her hands and she liked it. :) 

These pictures were taken with my phone and they are truly some of my favorites.  Especially the ones with Anna Ruth above.  We are simple, easy to please people.  A day playing outside for us means we go out, turn on the water hose and explore.  Anna Ruth and I love to find interesting sticks, rocks, leaves, flowers, acorns, and more.  And Betsy Grace is a happy, happy little gal in the mud.  

My two growing, giggly, gorgeous gals.  My heart is full.


  1. I just adore these photos and hearing about your gals! Poor Betsy Grace, I bet she just didn't know what to do with the great big ball of orange sitting in front of her. Yay for new discoveries!


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