AWBU Conference RE-cap

I had the awesome, amazing opportunity to attend my first ever blogger's conference a few weekends ago!  And not just ANY blogger's conference-one that was specifically for Arkansas gals! 

I went to the conference knowing one other person in real life, and several gals through the computer/blogs.  
The conference was held at Ferncliff Camp and Conference Center, just a bit outside of Little Rock.  I drove there by myself and was so proud when I found it without getting lost! 

From the minute my feet hit the pavement I was met with graciousness, sweet gals, and passionate personalities.  I didn't ever have a reason to be nervous because I was too busy having fun!  There were 100 women attending...can you imagine?! I could have chatted (and almost did) the entire conference away! 

This weekend was such a retreat....such a break for me.  Gathering in this dining hall with other ladies was a treasure.  I didn't have to fix the food, hold a baby while I ate, or clean up after.  :) 

New Balance shoes was a sponsor of the event so they had a 5k early Sunday morning.  About 25 or 30 gals participated and I'm shocked to say I won 3rd place!  They said I ran in 28 minutes, but I think it may have been more like 30.  We even had to do "tasks" along the way.....5 push-ups, 25 jumping jacks, and answer several questions.  

If you're not familiar with Airship Coffee-you should be!  They were well-represented at the conference and have some of the best coffee I've ever tasted.  And I know my coffee! Plus they are local and I am huge on supporting local.  They are people going after their dreams AND they serve an amazing cup.  

The conference also included fabulous, informative sessions about blogging, writing, being a mom, balance, being authentic and ourselves, photography, blogger to wordpress, etc.  

And Sophie Hudson of Boo Mama was there!!! She was HILARIOUS.  I'm still laughing over her talk! But you know what? She also got straight to the matter....of the fact that we're masterpieces created like no one else by God. 
I participated in my first Handmade Market too and even sold some photos! 

I could not have asked for a better weekend.  I only teared up a few times over missing the girls...and then came home to realize they were fine the whole time without me!  I told Brett how nice it was to be known as simply Sara.  Not Brett's wife, or the girls mom (which are both titles I hold proudly, don't get me wrong).  It was a refreshing break to be known for me....
I am overwhelmed at the number of talented, nice, passionate ladies there are in Arkansas.  
I am forever grateful to the sponsor that allowed me to attend,
and I can't wait for next year.  I'm missing all the nice Arkansas gals!


  1. Such a beautiful re-cap!!!! I loved seeing the conference through your lens!!


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