Autumn Decorating

Is September considered autumn?  Something about the start of school again, my birthday, and cooler temperatures here and there just makes me think...autumn is coming.  Autumn used to be at the top of my list as far as seasons go.  Then along came summer, with it's showy cooler temperatures, boat rides, and outings galore with the girls.  And my mind was swayed a bit.  But, I'll always be an autumn girl at heart.  Cozy layers, golden colors, a reason to drink 389389248948598 cups of hot tea or coffee a day. 

I'm in.  

Do you decorate for each season?  I think I made it pretty clear a few blog posts back that I got a tad bit carried away with the planning/decorating last autumn/Christmas season.  What I really mean is pinterest stole my soul a bit and my house was pretty but not near as joyful as I would have liked.  This year, I'd still like to decorate but I'd rather have my house bursting at the seasons with laughs, giggles, and sprinkles than perfect holiday decor. 
So for my autumn decorating I took stock of what I already had on hand and decided to make do with that.  I also gave myself a time frame of one nap session, one evening session and a few minutes while the girls were awake.  Whatever could be accomplished during that time was enough! 

I'm happy to say I love how things turned out!  I focused mainly on the mantle, our dining room table, and the kitchen island.  All of the items I used were either thrifted, handcrafted, or found in the barn! 

As I'm writing this I have a bucket of little things I'd also like to pretty up the porch with but life has been busy so it's just sitting inside the house still.  Maybe it'll make it's debut soon.  

I am making a BIG deal out of the changing of seasons this year because Anna Ruth is such a little sponge!  I long for her to grow up appreciating the variety of each season-new foods to eat, new activities, dusting off the old, welcoming in the new.  Living fully, intentionally, magically, creatively...
at every turning leaf.  

How do you celebrate/welcome autumn?


  1. I love your mantle... very festive! I do a little fall decorating in the house - garland on the mantle and pumpkins here and there. I cannot wait to buy mums and pumpkins for our front entrance. I usually always go with yellow mums, but I really want purple this year!

    1. Hi Julia! Thanks for sharing how you decorate! I don't think I've ever seen purple mums...they sound rich and lovely. :)

  2. one day I am taking a road trip up your way! I simply love your house : )
    And you! So glad we got to meet up this weekend!

    1. I was delighted to meet you as well friend! And hug your neck :)

      You come up anytime and I'll greet you with good food, coffee, and smiles. :)


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