Come on in, the water's fine.

Welcome to my first ever blog post by phone. Pics are small, but great in joy.  About a week ago when we had lightening our Internet stopped working. As it does a lot. So frequently, we're now in the process of figuring out what our best solution is to get it permanently fixed.

So-I have stacks of happy pictures just waiting to post on my computer. New photos for the shop (that I think you'll love), more info. on booking me for a photo session....lots of exciting things waiting in the wings and not a single way to post it yet. But I like knowing it's there at least. My inspiration doesn't thrive off the Internet, the computer's simply the tool I've chosen to carry it to the rest of the world! So for today-sit back and enjoy these sweet pics if my gals and a thought or two (or five hundred) from a mama at peace.
I took all of these pictures with my phone so they are unedited. I kind of like that, because it made me work a little harder to get around the challenges of using this little phone to capture a great shot. Or a good one at least.
(Ok-so this one's blurry, but look at that bundle of blessings!)
Something I've been giving a lot of thought and prayer to lately are my priorities and motives. I watch others take on this and that and then some more. Saying they feel pulled in all directions. I used to compare myself into a frenzy. Shouldn't I work out more, stop eating those processed snacks every now and then? Blog more, make money from my blog, get more followers? Advertise my shop more? promote more? The list is endless.
But as I've majorally slowed the mental race I've started being a better mama (most of the time) I can't really tell you when it happened, but sometime over the last month or two I stopped chasing opportunity so hard, saying "you get back here!" I was often running right past it because I was just trying so hard to run a race I'd set for myself. After prayer and much thought I have a new vision for who I am.
And it feels so, so, so good. Every day isn't a happy one. And they're certainly not all easy. But I know I'm right where God wants me to be. I'm pleasing who He wants me to please, I'm listening to all the right tugs of my heart and praying to drown out the others. In this process I'm sure I'm disappointing some, perhaps taking the less popular road, but here's what I've already discovered. As I've purposed to focus on my family and marriage first, and second my God-given dreams of blogging, photography, snd writing, opportunities and peace like a river have carried me to this point. Instead of trying to be and do it "ALL", I feel like God's handed me an inner-tube built just for me and said "come on in, the water's fine."
Floating along, saying yes to happy gals and husband, cleaning and managing my house well, taking photos I love and writing what makes my heart race with excitement, and not stopping to get out and take a look around to see if somebody else's view or river is better has settled me down and made this gal happy. At peace, peace like a river.
I don't always get this floating thing right. Sometimes I do want to be so and so, with 383737372748383828290 blog readers. Sometimes I want to sell 500 photos in a day. But on those days, oh how I miss God's presence as we float along, the sun soaking into our parched bodies. I'll take the sun drenched float over the high and dry comparison game any day.
To put it quite simply, my focus has narrowed on what speaks to my heart the loudest. I'm doing less perhaps, but I'm doing it well. And opportunities I can't even wrap my head around are happening! Do I have this thing all figured out? No. There are still days I desperately want to be like someone else. Moments I finish a whole bag of Sour Patch Kids (oops). Times I'm uninspired and bored. Moments I raise my voice at the girls and lose my cool. But, I'm human just like anybody else and each time I look up there's God, waiting with a hand out, asking me time and time again to come on in, the waters fine.

Yes Lord, it's fine indeed.