Happy Friday!

Something I like about blogging from my phone pics is the random, carefree order of the photos. It's so easy to slip my phone out of my pocket and capture a delight, only taking a second or two. Do you capture daily joys with your phone ? Give it a try! :) 
I have a friend from college I still see about once a month. She and my twin sis and I had a blast recently, sharing some delicious desserts at Applebee's! This happened to be a horribly stressful day but seeing these two cheered my blues away! 
A whole box of my favorite color discovered: joy-in-a-box! 
Friends for life....
Remember all the nice looking anniversary pics I posted recently? This is the scaaaaaaaary before picture. Lol. 
Brett has been canning whole tomatoes to store for winter. I've loved this summer tremendously but anticipate autumn and settling in as well.
After hearing little baby bird screeches Anna and I did some investigating in our fern on the front porch. These sweet baby birds were all tucked in tight. 
My niece's styling converse shoes! I want some! 
I love this sweet boy. (My nephew)
Whoops, this one's upside down. This is a neat book from the library. I always find the most inspiring books for journaling, sketching, and painting in the kids section. 
I actually put makeup on this day!  

I came downstairs after running one afternoon (treadmill) and was pleased to see our clean, cheerful house greeting me with lots of sunshine. 
My hair is finally getting long enough to pull back, even if it is in a crazy sort if way. :) 

What is making up your Happy Friday? I'm ready for a weekend of resting, cooler temps, time with Brett and the girls, a trip to a local bakery, and computer time to blog and list new goodies in my shop!


  1. Happy Friday! My "boys" are going hunting for the weekend so it's my girls and I. And my dad. Because I am a wimp and it freaks me out to stay home alone overnight. :) Hope you have a fabulous weekend!!

  2. My happy Friday is excited about a weekend with Little & Mr. Mister, a date night in, and a Sunday of freezer cooking with a friend.


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