Little quiet bursts of creativity...

{first-a huge shout-out to all of you sweet readers! Thank-you for being generous with your time and words and commenting/reading!  I apologize I haven't been diligent about getting back to your comments. I'll do better :) and in the meantime I'm enjoying reading every. single. one. XO)
 Oh creativity, how do I love thee?  
Let me count the ways....
I'm finding as I look back on folders overflowing with photos on the computer, 
a life lived with creativity doesn't always happen in big shouts and exclamations. 
Sometimes those grandeur moments are what take and so we saw in a magazine,
or a gal with a following larger than a flock of birds. 

What speaks to me and impresses me the most lately are the quiet, little pockets of creativity that can be found in our real, everyday life.  However grandeur that may be at the moment. 

I've collected a few little moments or scenes captured, that to me is creativity at it's best.  Authentic, real-life moments when the mundane could have been chosen over the magnificent, but wasn't.
 One essential part of our creative life are regular trips to the library.  From the gorgeous photography, helpful advice and inspiration, and great color schemes (like the pink and red above) we always come traipsing back home with book bags overflowing with goodness.  
 A favorite thing of mine is to gather little bits and bobs and compile them into a creative collage.  
I have a few listed in my shop and plan to make more.  I usually think of a particular theme and go from there.  The theme above (in my mind at least) was summer....
 Creativity can even be found in something as simple as photographing a bowl of delicious, local peaches!  If you look around your house you can be amazed at what works for a quick photo shoot.  
 I also love journaling, and lately have been learning more about art journaling.  From my perspective-there are books galore that can "teach" you different ways to art journal but I think you need to just jump on in.  Tell perfectionism to run for the hills and get busy drawing what makes your heart glad. And when you want to pick your pages apart ten thousand ways-
 I tried something new this particular day by taking a regular photograph and sanding the top down with sandpaper to create a vintage/old look.  
Sigh......this is our summer list, all huddled together in a bowl, on their last hurrah.
We've done almost everything on the list and are looking forward to creating a new one for autumn. 
If we're going to be intentional about anything around here, I at least hope celebration is included! 

{How can you inject little quiet bursts of creativity in your days?}

(and we'll end with a LOUD burst of creativity, my new flyer for photo shoots!
plus, use the code 5OFF10 for $5 off a $10 minimum purchase in my Etsy shop this week!)