Giggles and gals.

Happy Monday! 
How was your weekend?  Ours was wonderful.  We have entered a new season with our gals that is just so much fun.  I suppose I've been saying that for a while, but being able to go out to eat, take car rides, and have fun as a family of four is a new feeling for us.  A wonderful, silly new feeling.  

So back to the weekend.  It included crafting my booth for Arkansas Women Blogger's Unplugged conference, making birthday decorations for a silly bash with my TWIN sis and I, buying new books for my bday (more on those soon), getting Anna Ruth a new backpack (pack-pack), and lunch-box for school, laughing, lounging (sorta), inspiration spilling over, good food, photo shoots with my favorite props......good, rich living. 

Onto these girls.......*I suppose I should record how old the girls are because I'm forever forgetting! (how many specific months that is...)  Betsy Grace is a few days shy of 9 months and Anna Ruth is 2 years and 2 months old.  I can successfully say we've now moved past the stage of people looking at me like I'm nuts and the stares are more appreciate and amused now.  :)  More of a "how blessed you are" now.....
Our girls play together now!! Woohooo!! 
Having two babies so little is a whole 'different ballgame.  While Betsy was born (and for the first 6 months of her life) Anna was still so little.  So really it was like two very needy babies who didn't know how to play on their own, change their own diapers, etc.  (obviously!)  Now I'll be brave every so often and let them sit by each other on the floor and "play" while I'm a few feet away.  The conversation usually goes like this "Hi Detsy!! I like Detsy!"  and then...."here Detsy!"  Anna Ruth is truly sweet to her sis. And of course Betsy Grace adores everything about Anna.  It's a pretty sweet little friendship these two have going on.
Betsy Grace is obsessed with grabbing Anna Ruth's hair. She just can't help seem to help herself.  Anna's face here makes me laugh-it's like she's saying "do you see this mom?"  
Of course sometimes there's still the "No, Detsy, No!" command being barked out from Anna's tiny body, like she's a drill sargent, or commanding a dog.  LOL.  

This pic shows our new (to us) rug from a country auction recently! It's wonderfully pink and cost $27. I rarely say I want something that costs $$ out of the regular budget. But this, I did.  I told Brett to get his number ready because I liked that pink rug.  And he won it for me. :) Or was the highest bidder, however you want to look at it.  I was originally going to "save" it for my Rosy Retreat building I plan of having (are you sick of hearing about this yet?!).  BUT, if you know me well at all, then you should know I don't like saving things.  Waiting for a grander occasion.  It's like people who leave their candles wrapped and china packed.  We are so NOT that family.  So down the rug went. Will it still be around when the retreats start someday? Who knows. 

But for now I know a certain little gal that likes to run laps around this pretty pink track and that's enough reason for me to leave it down. Joy shouldn't have a start date.

Brett says Anna Ruth looks like a teenager here.  She is just the funniest gal and says the most original, hilarious things.  "I'm a little lady" was a recent statement.  
And then there's my sweet, sweet little Betsy.  She's cuddly and close in a crowd or around people she's not familiar with.  At home she comes alive!  She likes to sit and kick, squeal, and is very expressive with her eyebrows.  She's interested in just about anything we let her see, and that goes for food also.  One of the top favorite parts of my days are getting her out of her crib. She grins so big at me! 

This sums up Anna Ruth so well, and is the reason why she's perceived as quiet or serious sometimes.  But she's not always.  What Brett and I know is that she just simply didn't want her picture taken here and this is her serious look for showing you that.  She's giggles galore at times, serious scowl at others.  (aren't we all) 

Two action-packed, bundles of personality.  We have never been more excited and sure about enjoying this season of our lives, we've been looking ahead to the next big thing (building a house, having a baby, having another baby) for so long we feel like we've gone "Ahhh......" and just let out the biggest breath we've been holding for about 3 years.  

{What stage of life are you in?  What makes you let out a deep breath?}