My Smash Journal lately...

I sure do keep a lot of journals. Do you? 
I have one for writing scriptures/my thankful list in, one for deep thoughts and prayers (a private journal, no one but God and myself reads it!), one for writing ideas, and then my good 'ol Smash journal. A bit of everything goes in here-magazine clippings, sayings and quotes, memories of the girls, ideas, etc. 

Sometimes I like to take a huge stack of my old magazines (I'm a magazine hoarder, remember?) and look through them for anything that catches my eye.  Then I arrange them in a pretty pile and over time, "smash" them in my journal, here and there. 
Here's a look at some of my pages recently! 
A few photos I liked because of the styling,
and a note that lately I've been trying to study photography sets/prop styling I like and save them in my memory for future reference. 
 I'm turning 30. 
A party must be in order so I can enter into the new decade with a hooray! 
A few inspirations to get that party going...
 Thoughts on how sometimes I wonder what it would be like to NOT see the world through a photographic not notice little details here and there.
Boring probably.
 Consider this my official announcement.
I have a story coming out in this magazine in the fall. With my pictures from my blog and everything! 
 Favorite quotes.....
pondering to write a book or not (someday)
 Ideas for get togethers soon. Always, always ideas for these.
I'm just a get-together kind of gal. 
(I mean seriously, how fun would it be to gather a table of gals around some great food on the farm and play bird bingo?! With cute prizes! )
Just more dreaming. I absolutely believe in having dreams.
Not sure how I'll get mine all accomplished,
but I'd rather be a dreamer than not be one at all.

{Do you journal? Got any tips? Please share!}


  1. These are great ideas! I have lots of nifty blank journals and notebooks that I've collected because I do love pretty notebooks and paper and the like. But I never have the courage to keep a journal. It always feels silly or something to me. I appreciate you sharing. I think I'll attempt to conquer my "fear of journal" and begin something similar!

    1. There is great happiness in silliness. :) Tear up a magazine, cut up that pretty paper you have and make something great! it feels wonderful :) (and then hide the notebook if you still feel silly so your boys don't find it, lol)


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