Peering in.

Oh these girls.  Life with Anna Ruth and Betsy Grace is such an adventure.  Sometime's it's an inviting adventure-like life itself is saying "Come on!  Grab my hand and let's laugh, explore, and learn! It'll be fun!". Other times, it's quite like speaking a foreign language.  It's a bit intimidating, and no matter how many times you practiced the scenario in your head, you're just not sure if you're getting the words right.  Or if you're just rambling a jumbled mess, fumbling the whole thing up.  

But, on our great adventure days AND on our rambling, fumbled days one thing remains constant.
I am head-over-heels in love with these girls.
Our weekend drives to check the cows are worth more to me than money could buy. Betsy Grace stares the cows down out of one window, Anna Ruth does the same in the other.  What's really funny is when the cows get too close to the open windows on both sides and both girls get to squealing and yelping like a couple of little puppies.  We roll the windows up real quick when that happens! 
Betsy Grace has learned to bang things on her highchair tray with reckless abandon.  It gives her the biggest thrill to throw her arm way up in the air and bring something down hard on the tray, in this case-her ice. She wants to make sure she's heard too!  
What a wonderful love Betsy Grace blesses me with. She loves to snuggle with me and I like that. I often think of the quote "It is no small thing when they, who are so fresh from God-love us."

Anna Ruth and I have been having some pretty big adventures in the yard lately while Betsy Grace naps.  We both love a good wandering.........
you just never know what you'll see and hear (and feel) along the way. 
 And this is why the post is appropriately called "peering in."  One afternoon Brett drove me over to photograph some wildflowers.  We, of course, had both girls in the truck with us.  I snapped away to my heart's delight, and saw this when I turned around to get back in the truck. 

I just laughed and laughed.  The next words out of my mouth were "This is my life".  Oh, these girls.  They are right there, always watching their mama.  I pray that they see me take life by the reins.  That they know whether the day-to-day feels like an adventure or something foreign, that their mama loves Jesus and is going to approach each moment with confidence, grace, and a strong, fierce love.


  1. LOVE the first picture of Anna Ruth. It's......picture perfect!Beautiful skin, eyes, and hair. Your girls are a lesson in contrast. Betsy's eyes are as dark as Anna's are light .Both are beautiful and we love them.

  2. I agree. The first photo of Anna Ruth is absolutely adorable... she is beautiful!

  3. PERFECT post!!! Both of the girls exude the "funtastic!" personalities that obviously they inherited from you!!! HOW FUN!! :D

  4. Thank-you all for the sweet comments on the girls! They bring me the greatest joy. :)


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