Playing with my girls on these cold days....

 In my happy little mind I always picture late February/early March as a cheery, sunny time of year.  A bright time of year....well, at least weather-wise, it just hasn't been so yet.  We've had some sunny days and certainly have had warmer weather than is "normal" for this time of year. 
But we've also had several days of slushy snow too! 

I like to fill our days with fun and think of new things for Anna Ruth to play with.  Even the smallest thing, like getting the pillows off the bed to play with, become the biggest treat.  :) 

 The snow sure is pretty in the country. Even a dusting makes everything look a bit more magical.  I love the quiet that comes with a snow too.  It's a certain stillness that just isn't experienced the rest of the year.
 :) I liked this picture because of Anna Ruth's bead necklace caught around her ponytail.  I got a clearance pack of 4 necklaces for $.74 at Target for her and you would have thought I presented her with diamonds.  She was playing with plastic shiny easter eggs here.....she loves to pack up her Hello Kitty bag or purse, sling it over her arm and say "Bye-bye!".

{I sure do enjoy playing with my girls.  It's good for my imagination and happiness.  Betsy is starting to coo and make squawking noises. I think she means to laugh but it sounds like a loud squawk. :)  Anna Ruth is saying two or three word sentences now! How can it be?! One of her favorites-"Hold Betsy please."  Of course it sounds like "Hold Etsy pease".  }


  1. Yep! It's all about being creative these wintry days!!


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