Hello Monday:

Hello Monday,
and painted pink toenails, holding out hope for warm spring days
(even when they're hidden beneath my even warmer winter socks)
hello tiny stack of inspiration,
with ideas for a lovely party with friends.
hello instant mood lifter.
 hello sweetness,
and bright eyes peeking out from a puppy hug.
 Hello happy messes
that fill our home on a continual basis.  
Signs that my girls are happy, learning, and growing.
Hello unflattering, yet joyful picture,
posted with love.
Anna Ruth has taken a huge interest in the camera,
so I held it out for her and let her push the button to take my picture.
She was so proud and thrilled. :)
Hello Betsy Grace's personality unfolding-
slow and steady,
snuggling galore,
smiles, coos, and starting to talk.

Hello last week of March and including Easter fun in our days,
hello Betsy Grace turning FOUR months old this week! 
Hello friends coming to dinner,
and yummy recipes to look forward to. 

{What are you saying hello to this week?}


  1. I know all about those happy messes :).happy almost Easter!

  2. Happy waiting for the arrival of Little!


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