Daffodil Delight

 One day "Nana" (Brett's mom) called us up to see if we wanted to grab the camera and go for a drive in the truck.  Our mission: photograph and enjoy the lovely patch of daffodils that had sprung up in the middle of the woods! 
 Off we went!  Anna Ruth loves a good farm adventure.  She quickly requested to wear the orange hunting hat she found in the truck.
 She wasn't too sure about sitting on this tree.......
 Such beauty! This was just the prettiest sight to see.  Right in the middle of a bunch of leaves/trees......crunchy brown and dull grey-this enormous patch of sunny yellow.  Or as Anna Ruth says now "wewwow". 

Of course we had bright-eyed Betsy Grace along for the ride too. She just didn't make it into a picture this time.  What fun this little adventure was! 
Afterwards we got to watch some men working on the farm, using a bulldozer.  As they pushed the scrawny trees down Anna said "Uh-oh!".