Contact Paper Collage

 Anna Ruth and I made a contact paper collage!  Considering Anna Ruth's fascination with stickers I figured she'd love using contact paper.  I was right!  She wanted to stick everything to it.  Everything-including herself!  
For this project I cut out a bunch of pictures I knew she would recognize and gave them to her in a stack.  I had a big piece of contact paper taped to the floor (sticky side up) already.  We talked about each of her pictures....and that in itself was a treat.  She thought the baby you see above was her baby boy cousin, and thought the African-American baby was "Betsy Grace."  
She stuck the pictures on, and then we added torn tissue paper in all the blank spots.  
After Anna was done I put another piece of contact paper on top, sandwiching the items in.  We hung this up on our art wall.  I think it would be great fun to play "I Spy" with this work of art, or use it as a place mat too!  


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