Us lately.

Just a peek at some life moments captured here and there lately.  We met my mom ("Granna") on Valentine's Day at Chick-fil-a and she treated us to ice cream cones.  Delicious.  Anna Ruth stood up in the booth with her cone as if she were queen. 
And really-she IS queen most of the time. 
I often look at Brett and say "This is now my life".  
Example-see picture above.  Only a mom to multiple children would receive a box this large filled to the brim with diapers and wipes.  And be overjoyed at the giant box left over so that her oldest could sit inside with crayons and stickers. :)
Need I say more? 
(in Anna's words "OOPS") 
I feel God's love different ways, in different stages of life.
lately-it's through the sky.  Meaning, the rich colors and soothing skies remind me of how much God loves us.
Anna Ruth continues to adore Betsy Grace.  The feeling is mutual-most of the time.
Occasionally Anna Ruth "plays" with Betsy Grace by poking her eyes.  She doesn't like this!  One day-Betsy Grace will hold her own.  For now-I'm referee.  
This is such a common site in our kitchen! Anna Ruth loves these pull out drawers in our kitchen island.  

Precious, precious, precious. 


  1. Do you order your diapers online? Hmmm, curious...

    1. Yes ma'am! I order from They have a program called Amazon Mom, where you can save $$ on diapers! You can save 20% total by signing up (and it's free to sign up!) When you choose "Subscribe and Save" you choose what size diapers you want and how often you want them delivered. I highly recommend it! I have it set up to send us wipes and diapers as often as we need and that way I don't have to remember at the store. Plus, you can change the size requested as baby grows, and how often you need. So if Norah outgrows the newborn diapers quickly you can change her size to 1 without any problems. Let me know if you have more questions!
      You can read about it here:

  2. Thanks, this looks like a great resource! We're already Amazon fans as is. :)


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