My craft room

Do you have a favorite room/nook/corner in your house?
I do.  It's definitely my craft/laundry room.  Some might think it's small and overcrowded.  I think it's cozy and feel so lucky to have this little space to call my own!  Here are a few happy pics of why it gladdens my heart so.... :) 
 {Recognize that lamp? Oh yeah, it's one of the thrifted ugly lamps I posted earlier, more details later}

little helper :)

 This is actually on the kitchen island....a happy stack of books/magazines and colored pencils just there for the taking, whenever inspiration strikes! 

Where could you add some happy in your home?


  1. I LOVE this! I want to add all kinds of happy around our home... You have the sweetest and most unique style.

    Thanks for sharing, Sara!

  2. I'm so glad you've gotten back in there!! Looks great!!! My laundry room has no space for this....but I think it has some space for some happiness :) Thanks for inspiring!!

  3. What a fun & colorful space! I'd like to add some "happy" to our laundry area.


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