I'm featured and a mini makeover!

After our house was built we spent all of our attention on the downstairs.  And then I decorated Anna's big girl room upstairs....and then this awkward little unplanned space was STILL there taunting me with its bare walls each time I walked past.  It wasn't a space that was in our original plan and I just didn't know what to do with it.  I believe you should love every single space in your home or do something about it if you don't .  So, that's what I did.

Here's the "BEFORE".

and the happy "After"! We love this little nook :) 
Here's a little closer look at the art on the walls.....

Also, remember this little thrifted number?  Ugly, with a side of drab. 
Not anymore! It's the lamp you see in the "AFTER" pic above! ( go look again, really, the same one!)

 I spray-painted it "Pistachio", my new fave. color found at Hobby Lobby, and wrapped chicken wire around the frame. 
I also flopped some little banner thing I had lying around on the top and liked it even better.  The pic is so busy it's kinda hard to see what it looks like.  But it's definitely happy and looks like my style. Win-win!

 {Also, BIG news! My craft room is being featured on Brooklyn Limestone tour of nooks around the web! I am so excited/honored to be included with other bloggers in this inspiring series!  The fun starts Monday, February 11th, and you can find The Rosy Life featured on FEBRUARY 27th! :) } 
             Click over there today to see a mention of The Rosy Life! 


  1. How exciting! Congrats on the feature. Also, pistachio...love your choice of lamp color.


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