Color Wheel: Magazine Style

Remember that one space I mentioned that I'm working on finishing in the house? Well, I made another decoration for it.  Usually my projects have to include something cheap or free, and quick.  Also, something I can work on here and there with plenty of time in-between.

This idea came from an idea I had saved on Pinterest.  It's fun to be working away at my "Pins on Parade" goal for 2013 by using some of my pins for real inspiration! 
I first tore some colorful pages from the stack of magazines I have saved and then cut leaf/petal shapes (whatever you want to call them!) from the pages.  I tried to do a variety of sizes.

Anna was standing on the bench at our table while I was cutting some of these out.  I thought she would be bothered by the paper scraps but she loved them!  She kept pointing at the pictures on the pages and saying "S-that", meaning "What's that?"  I bet we talked about these scraps for 30 minutes at least!  What a teachable moment. :) 
I found an old piece of cardboard lying around the craft room,
and cut this circle out.  Then I hot-glued the magazine pieces on and added a strip of fabric for hanging. Easy and colorful-my fave.