joy pockets.

Just a few pockets of joy that have popped up in my days.
I got this idea from one of my sisters to use an empty toilet paper roll to make a heart stamp.  We both know how Anna Ruth feels about getting paint on her hands so this was perfect for her.  A way to enjoy the paint without getting messy. Even though in the picture she's sticking her hands right in it, afterwards she immediately started saying "uh-oh" and wanted it cleaned off. That's my girl! :)

One day we decided to make Rice Krispy treats, which are Brett's favorite.  Anna Ruth usually doesn't have much of a sweet tooth but she sure did with the mini marshmallows.  Later that evening I cut two bars, one for Anna and one for Brett.  I handed them both to her with directions to go give Dada's his.  I secretly followed her and watched as she marched right into the room and continued to hold on as tightly as she could to both bars. :) I had to pry one from her hands to get her to share, lol.
Another idea taken from my sisters. Sweet bear toast.  Just a little breakfast fun.
A happy stack of books! We read so much during the day.  Anna is even filling in the blanks in some of her books now-like in Curious George books I'll say "The man with the yellow____" and she'll say "HAT!" 
Silly time with Anna Ruth also brings me great joy.  She is repeating everything we say now!  
Anna grabbed this bag off the door leading to the garage, waved and said "bye" and took off. :) She knows the routine I guess! She makes me laugh and laugh. I never know what she'll come up with next!
I got a perm.  Sounds so 80's doesn't it? It gave my hair a bit of a curly wave while I continue to grow it out.  I really like it! It's the perfect amount of low-maintenance :).