Finger-painting while drowsy leads to a painted face,
two little girls leads to stacks of laundry. :) 
Nap-time for Betsy Grace in the big girl crib....
Coffee, blessed coffee....out of my favorite mug currently (this is our china pattern) with my morning treat of flavored creamer (thanks Jana!)
Lunch-time for a day or two in a row....pasta salad with Triscuits and hummus.  Loving that Anna Ruth asks for what I have, and likes a nice variety of things (including hummus!)
Sweet, sweet girls.......our joyful moments now outweigh the stressful.  Our laughs outnumber the cries!  
Praise Jesus :). 
Lots of grapefruit eating around here.....
fruit is the new dessert! 
(most of the time)

Beautiful Betsy......
this gal has my heart.  She's squeezed her way in and found a whole 'nother compartment that I didn't even know existed.  Both my girls have my heart....
(and she doesn't like her bath, by the way. That's the reason for the sad expression, lol)
:( Sad face at having to sit in the chair like a big girl.  Betsy Graces loves cuddling....almost all the time. 
New recipe coming soon to Thrice the Spice, the blog I help write with my two sisters!  It's full of healthy (almost always) non-processed food and other fun food/kitchen ideas too.  You should check it out! It's updated five days a week too... :)
{Loving the feeling of entering a new season with my girls.  It's like we've stepped through the fog in the last week or so.  Things are brighter, happier, and more on schedule.  I won't brag toooo much with an actual number, but let's just say Betsy Grace is a GREAT sleeper! Better than Anna really......night times are nothing like they were with Anna....they are peaceful and usually sleep-filled. Praise God!}