I organized (not a joke!) plus a happy mess

 Yesterday I organized. 
Yes, you read that right. I channeled my inner Jana and Brett and went crazy. 
Jana and I (and really the rest of my family too, lol) are quite opposites. I just think and function much more easily in happy colors, patterns, and sometimes-piles! I come from a family of happy organizers, in my opinion.  Whatever Type A dose God molded into them...well, I just missed out! And then I married Brett. Another Type A! It's like having a little Jana around, which to be honest-I need.
So, as I've become a mom I've realized quickly how much time can be spent or wasted on the simple subject of clothes. Babies grow fast, closets are fascinating places where piles and piles can be torn down in mere seconds if the door is left open, and organization is just simply a must! It's important to get in, and get out!
 One of my goals was to move Anna's wardrobe upstairs entirely before Betsy Grace is born. 
This shelf was going to be thrown out from the barn in town where Brett's mom used to live.
Since we didn't have shelves built in the upstairs closets I decided to put it to good use.  I folded everything and sorted by type of clothing. I then made simple labels and taped them onto the shelf with cute Washi Tape. I also made some hanging labels for hanging items, as you can see above.
 Easy-and now Brett (or whomever happens to be helping me with Anna Ruth) can quickly see which clothes can be worn together.  I also made labels like this for Betsy Grace's nursery downstairs!
 Now onto the real fun-a happy, creative mess! 
Some people find the word "mess" offensive or negative. I don't. I find it quite joyful. It usually means a good time was had, at least in our house.
 Anna Ruth received this adorable squirrel from her sweet great-grandparents at my parent's house this weekend.  She hadn't ever tried a craft like this before and I was overly excited about showing her how the markers worked! She loved it and worked on it several times throughout the day. The concrete on the porch got a bit of extra decor too as you can see by baby girl's overzealous coloring.
This was fun for both of us! I colored in some of the circles on the scarf, while Anna climbed around on the porch.  She was quite interested in what was left on her hands, too.
Thank-you Grandma and Papaw!!


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