Gentry Wildlife Safari ZOO ADVENTURE

 This weekend we decided to take Anna Ruth on a new adventure.
Off we went to the Gentry Wildlife Safari Zoo.
 We did the drive-through part of the Safari first.
We let Anna stand up by the window rolled down, as long as we felt she was safe. :)
No worries, the window quickly went up here because this bull was massive!
 Just practicing her walk with Dada....
(please don't e-mail me or comment saying how your baby had been walking for months by now! Comparison is the thief of joy ) :)
 Who's having fun?!
 We brought a picnic lunch to enjoy before venturing over to the "petting zoo" part.
Meaning pigs, goats, and chickens galore were running about!
This was such a fun day for us as a family.
We love seeing the world through Anna's eyes!