..And the house came tumbling down: decorating for me, versus Anna Ruth

 Ahh....the wonderful world of Pinterest............Right?
So, I was inspired by a photo I saw of a house wall mural and thought it would be the perfect idea to do in our awkward nook space upstairs as a "dress-up" corner for my girls, specifically Anna Ruth.
Monday was a day of mini disasters (it all started by being chewed out by the Wal-Mart check-out lady for using an Aldi ad for a good 20 minutes before I was about to A.) cry  B.) go into early labor or C.) yell..... 
but we left soon after :).
I truly do try to be productive during Anna Ruth's nap time so I decided that Monday would be the day to make the house, ignoring the instructions to use heat and bond and instead decided to use Washi tape. Cutest tape ever, found at Target. 
I worked and worked, for about 2 hours on this. It looked cute-ish. 
just "ish". But I had worked so hard and was determined to finish it and it WOULD look good!
 Anna Ruth got up from her nap...and I took her upstairs with me for a second to finish the house. I knew it would only take about 5 minutes.
Well folks, within about 1 minute Anna Ruth got ahold of the tape I used on the wall and ripped the house right down. 
I sat down and just laughed and laughed....I'm still laughing over this! (what else can you do?)
After I calmed down about it,
I really felt God ask "Sara, who are you trying to serve in your home?? Yourself, or your sweet girls?"
See, if I were truly trying to make a kid-friendly space that served my girls I would focus on their needs, learning, and stimulation first.  Then I would add the cute decorations last.
(25 weeks pregnant)
I want our house to be a place of play, learning, creativity, and imagination.
I want my space planning and decor to reflect that first.
So, I've sat back and reflected on my heart and instead come up with ideas that will serve Anna Ruth. She can play and explore to her heart's desire, and know that our home is a place for her imagination to run wild! And don't worry-I'll get some cute decor in there too. :)
UPdates soon!


  1. This is a cute idea for your space.Maybe in a few years.....


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