My best friend's wedding :)

 I met my friend Mikayla, in college at Arkansas Tech University.
She is one of my very few college friends I have remained dear, dear friends with.
I love Mikayla so much and was honored to attend her wedding this weekend! 
This is her with her sweet Grannie :).
 Anna Ruth's just getting a bit of practice in under the wedding arch :).
In a million years my dear girl....
 At the rehearsal dinner the groomsmen surprised the happy couple with an extremely nice t.v.!
 Jana and I were honored to be the guest book girls.
All of the decor was fabulous.
Beyond cute,
so inspirational!
So many great DIY ideas, all in one place.
I was in heaven!
I have a whole separate post for later this week with all the inspiring idea pics :).
 18 weeks pregnant! (almost 19)
In ONE WEEK we find out if Little One is a boy or girl.
 A sweet moment during the rehearsal dinner when the pastor was speaking...
 Mikayla has always called my parents "Momma and Poppa Capper",
so of course they were at the wedding too!
(which took place in Harrison by the way! 
The owners of Neighbor's Mill in Harrison
hosted the wedding at their house! 
The excited couple, deep in conversation :)
 I adore this picture.
My sweet girl,
and sweet momma.
 I am beyond confident these two love and adore each other.
I am praying happiness upon happiness for them.
 Jana and I helped out a tiny bit before the wedding.
I was excited to see Mikayla.
She was calm, cool, and collected.
And so organized!
 Later that night we stayed in Branson,
and I saw fireworks!
 I was away from Anna Ruth for one night, while attending the rehearsal dinner.
It felt so strange to serve myself at dinner,
and not have a little mouth to feed.
I enjoyed the time,
but missed she and her Dada so, so much.
 Best friends!
I'm so thankful we're still able to keep up a monthly girls' night.
 Mikayla kept everyone on track in the wedding prep!
 The happy, overjoyed couple.
 Tears in my throat over this one....
beautiful Mikayla,
and her sweet step-dad Gene.
 That's a lot of fun on that aisle!
 Prayers during the wedding...
 Mikayla's beautiful mom!
 The handsome groom and his mom..
 My handsome groom :)
Brett and I have been married for almost four years!
I remember the exciting, sweet start of what it feels like to start a marriage.
This wedding was such a great reminder of that!
I also know the strength of long love....
4 years is "long" for us right now.
 I am so excited for Mikayla and Cody to grow over the years and get to know this kind of love too!
I absolutely couldn't be happier for these two!


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