Rosy List #3-Treasures

Something I've noticed is that just by wanting to document life's sweet blessings, whether they be big or small, my eyes notice the beautiful, lovely, fun, and whimsical bits of my days much more easily. So, here's to the Rosy List #3! (spacing is weird today-sorry!)
1.) Random outings: Last week Anna had a very runny/stuffy nose. We weren't able to go to Thursday's Playgroup because of it (all the babies play with each others toys and are quite slobbery so I didn't want to expose the other children). I refused to sit in the house and sulk. So, off we went to True Treasures, a placed filled with antique/vintage/flea market finds. It's a long drive, but I'd been wanting to go for months. The drive was pretty. The place was so neat. My style. :)
 2.) Brett's office: On the way home we stopped to see Brett at work. He has his OWN office, for the first time ever! He is a recruiter for Central States Manufacturing and is liking his job. It's intense and majorally challenging. His hard-earned MBA is being put to use.
 3.) McDonald's Mocha frapp: I'm a big fan of the 80/20 rule. Or even 90/10. Eat well 80 percent of the time, treats 20 percent. This day was more like 30/70. Have you had a McDonald's frapp? Normally I won't eat McDonald's. Calories, fat, and who knows what's REALLY in their food? (just a personal opinion). This mocha is so different. I remember a day way back when Anna was teeny and crying if I put her down. She wanted to be held. all. the. time. I was exhausted and had just popped a bag of popcorn and plopped in the recliner with her. That was the best I could do! Here came Janice with a mocha frapp from McDonald's. Changed my whole day! These are delicious. Will give you crazy amounts of energy. Will use a whole weeks worth of treat calories....but did I mention how delicious?!
4.) Cute magazine holder: the bird/teal mag. holder in the background is from Target. $1. Cute print. Doesn't get better than that!
 5.) Storage box: Oh so cute, also from $1 Target spot

 6.) Adorable mug half off from Target
 7.) Neat flashcards: To be hung on the wall somewhere :)
8.) Rooster: Normally I'm not a fan of rooster decor at all. This one reminded me of something old-fashioned though. Something about it I just liked. :) 

 9.) Vintage hankies: Both hanging in the dining room now! Picture later :)
10.) Craft room re-do: A glimpse of how my craft room re-do (for real this time!) is coming along. Adorable daughter. :)
 11.) Valentine's: These were Anna's valentine's this year. Her tiny hand. :)
 12.) Broadway on Pandorra: We listen to this station a lot on the Ipad. Anna is a fan. She grins and jumps and grabs onto the sides of her jumparoo and twists her body from side to side when music is on.
13.) Happy mail: Gift from grandparents to Anna, Oprah mag. Whether you're an Oprah fan or not-I like her mag. It has fashion, health, cooking, literature/book reviews....a more "substance" filled read than other mags.
Happy Saturday!!
Find the rosy today. :)


  1. Cute! Have you tried the Mocha Mix recipe I posted on the Thrice blog? It has sugar, but no fat & is soooo yummy; I think it tastes nearly exactly like these mochas. It must run in the family, I LOVE them too, but w/no whipped cream :) Love you! Becca


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