Random Rosy List :)

 Rosy List #4!
1.) A "sold" order from my Etsy shop
 2.) fabric, in color piles
 3.) working on sunshine pins for the Craft Weekend ladies

 4.) Anna Ruth's constant state of acrobatics in her crib :)
 5.) deeeelicious food I made last night. Check Thrice the Spice this week for recipe!
 6.) new "art" for house...love, love, love. Found at Target (on sale!)

 7.) Sewing...happy colors :)
 8.) love notes in chicken pot pie
9.) Discovering a new (to me!) salty snack that's delicious and no fat. (if you know where I can find this stuff-do tell! Walgreen's is completely out-even their warehouse!)

Today I have laughed and laughed, and laughed.
Anna Ruth's energy, waves (she can wave now!), and antics are so funny. :)
love her.


  1. I love rice crackers too :) Target has some in their store brand trail mixes, called "Zen Blend" I think that's pretty good. The very best & cheapest are from the Asian grocery store though. Have you tried wasabi peas?

    And, because I'm your older sister and it's my job to look out for you,(ha!), you'll want to lower Anna Ruth's crib really soon b/c of her age & it looks like she's getting around a lot in there too :)

    Love you, Becca


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