Opportunity awaits :)

   These are my new "business cards". It is actually a 4 x 6 photo print that I am using as a business card. :) I had two opportunities come up with my Etsy shop I am thankful for. 
   One is a custom order a lady contacted me about for a little boy's baby shower! I am making two banners and a fabric flower corsage for the mama. :) I wasn't able to get the fabric she originally wanted, but she still kept the order with a new idea I had. Whew! :)
   Secondly, a a lady from a blog I read, love, and have mentioned before :http://megduerksen.typepad.com/whatever/   has a Craft Weekend at her home in Kansas. It's where 15 women come and stay at her house for a night or two and craft, and shop in a barn for antiques and vintage finds. Totally my kind of weekend! 
She has sponsors that send items for the ladies at Craft Weekend...in turn, the sponsors get their item and shop advertised for free on her Craft Weekend blog (which is read by thousands). Also, the 15 women are left with an item from your shop and business card too! Which hopefully they'll tell their friends about. :) 
    I contacted Meg, the Craft Weekend host, and I'm going to send 15 sunshine pins for her Craft Weekend! I'm believing that the time I spend making the pins will be returned in new customers hopefully :) 

God (and Brett!) is continually encouraging my crafty endeavor. :)


  1. Just catching up on the blog! Sounds like you're doing great. Proud of you. I pray I can do something similar someday. It is so nice to get to fulfill your creative needs!


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