Farm livin' and fancy free :)

 Sometimes I wonder what people in the "big city" do in their free time.
What does one do without pastures, cows, moos and mud?
 There is evidence in the question above that God works in ways we don't always think of. I use to dream of living in a big city. Now my idea of a great afternoon is to hop in the truck, hold onto Anna Ruth, and take a quick drive down to check on the cows. :)
 Anna Ruth has silly hair. It appears straight and slick at times..
curly sometimes,
and other days like this. !
Jana won tickets to the musical and wasn't able to make it. Mikayla and I enjoyed a fancy night out at the Walton Arts Center. The musical was loud, full of great dancing, more six-packs of abs than I've ever seen in my life, gymnastics, funny jokes......
We were so amused that we were seated next to two ladies who rode the Butterfield Trail Retirement Village bus to get there. Mikayla and I decided we'd get out on the town like that too one day.
Oh, and did I mention there was rapping in the musical?
You know I liked it. :)

 Today was our monthly Sister's Meeting.
 There were costume changes...
 pats on the couch by Lainey, meaning "Come sit and read to me"...

 happy tub playing...

cuuuute decor (Jana has her house fixed so nice!),
sister talk,
a sweet, very specific prayer by Kyla ("God, thank-you for our monthly meeting...well, almost monthly"),
exchange of everything you could imagine (diapers, formula, treats, Thrice the Spice business cards),
and playtime galore.


  1. your posts are so special. i love that you love the farm and used to dream of the city. so sweet, so God. anna has the cutest hats ever. LOVE.

  2. I would have never dreamed of you as a farm girl, yet It's perfect. Love the pic of Anna in the yellow hat! So sweet. I live for musicals! Sounds like a fun night. And kyla stories crack me up!


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