Ruffles and Real Fun :)

 Anna Ruth got so many neat things for Christmas.
I put a lot of them in the closet upstairs to take down every now and then, for days when we're home more than others.
 Yesterday we got out her new blocks from her Granna and Poppa. Anna Ruth was so excited and curious to see something new to play with.

 These blocks are just perfect for her! She can easily grab onto them and shake them around.
There was slobber, chattering, and smiling galore during this playtime!

 These blocks are a perfect inspiration for me too :).  All those cute colors and patterns! What fun!
 Anna Ruth is so into containers lately. She loves it when I put things inside a basket or bucket and she gets to take them out.

I made Anna Ruth this oneside for Valentine's Day. I also made her a ruffle hair clip.
I also traced her hand for homemade Valentine cards. Can't say she enjoyed getting her hand traced, haha :) Sure is a cute little tiny hand though. Pictures later!


  1. Love those blocks! So bright and cheerful. her vday onesie is Presh! Love it. Great job.


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