What I Wore-outfit roundup post!

(overalls from Target, thrifted turtleneck)
Hi friends! I'm so glad you've jumped back on the blog bandwagon with me.  A couple of you even wrote to say you were glad I was writing again and I can't thank you enough! The icing on the cake is when a blog post sparks inspiration or joy for someone else besides me.  I'm on a little body kindness kick and I'm going to stay there for at least a few more posts.  I was telling my husband about my last post and he asked haven't I been posting about body kindness for at least five years?! Insert a huge LOL.  I explained yes, I have been writing about this topic for a long time but I've never really liked myself consistently while doing it.  The difference is now I do! I don't know if he got it or not, but it's definitely something I know women struggle with and need to hear more of.  So here we are again today with another post on the topic of feeling good about ourselves.  My last post encouraged us to actually go into the dressing room and try things on.  Lots of things! And when something doesn't fit, don't see our bodies as the problem but the clothes themselves! This has been a game-changer for me.  This isn't to say that there aren't parts of my body I'd like to tone up a bit more.  There are.  But it IS to say that choosing clothes that flatter makes the image of myself in the mirror look SO much different than when I pick things that hug in all the wrong places.  

Let's take overalls for an example.  I had a pair (not these pictured) that I tried on and they just weren't flattering at all.  I quickly returned them to Old Navy and found these cuties at Target instead.  A much thicker fabric, a looser fit, and back pockets that were a much bigger size which in turn looked a lot more flattering.  See what I mean? I could have let the last pair of overalls completely devastate my self-esteem, or I could have just shopped for a different, more flattering pair.

With that said, enough talk-let's take a look at what I've been wearing and loving lately! If you're wondering if I really DO wear my striped turtleneck this much the answer is yes.  Also, I know I still need to step up my mirror selfie game. Goals, my friends. 
(shirt-Beautiful Lives Boutique, pants-thrifted, shoes-Shoe Carnival, earrings-WalMart)
(cardigan-thrifted, shirt-Old Navy, pants-Ann Taylor Loft outlet, shoes-Target clearance)
(vest-J.C. Penney's, shirt-Walmart)
(shirt-Old Navy)
(cardigan-Old Navy, shirt-Ann Taylor Loft outlet store, boots-Christmas gift)
(jacket and shirt-thrifted, pants-Old Navy....their Rockstar jeans. I size up in these!! I have several pair and they all seem to fit a bit differently.  Some come up higher on the waist than others but overall I like the bit of stretch in them)
(jacket-Beautiful Lives Boutique, black pants-Walmart, earrings pictured in almost every single photo-Walmart)
(flowery cardigan-thrifted....and you know where my faithful turtleneck and earrings are from!)
(jacket-410 Vintage in Fayetteville, dress/shirt-Cheap Thrills in Fayetteville)
(dotted shirt-thrifted, t-shirt-Old Navy, black nails-Sally Hansen gel polish-LOVE)
(vest-J.C. Penney's, shirt-thrifted, necklace-Walmart)

I hope by putting where my things are from you can see what I'm always telling the girls-it doesn't have to cost a lot to look nice! It does take some time to go thrifting, but I happen to like the hunt.  Pants are so much harder for me to thrift.  My favorite jeans and work pants are for sure from Old Navy and Walmart. 

Your turn! What are you loving to wear lately? Where are you shopping? Do putting outfits together spark joy or dread for you? What other body kindness posts would you like to see? 

Happy dressing friends! 
(time for me to get out of my robe and into real clothes....at almost 11:00 on a Saturday. :) ) 


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