Birthday party for my twin and I!

You all know I adore a good stroll through Pinterest.  I've often heard it stresses other people out, but for me it's like a breath of fresh air.  I keep ideas there for regular life stuff like organizing, cleaning, or cooking for sure.  But I also keep hundreds of photos, ideas, and pretty things that just make me happy to look at and inspire me to be a maker. 

So it probably goes without saying that of course I have dozens and dozens of beautiful yard party ideas.  Haven't ever really done any of them, but the ideas are still there.  This year for my birthday (and my twin's!) I decided to change that.  We had our own birthday party in my yard and it was loud and full and so much fun. 
Brett is the sweetest and happily built me some neat sawhorses to use for tables.  I laid our vintage doors on top and then decorated with pumpkins and jars of flowers from our yard. 
Anna Ruth totally got into helping and actually filled every single vase for me. 
I was so proud of her! 
Isn't that just the happiest scene? 
This is my beautiful twin sister! 
We text daily and share a sense of humor and are bff's. 
This is us with another very dear, best friend of ours.  We've known this gal our entire lives!  She is like a sister to us.  

I don't show a lot of my friends on here.  I guess I feel weird about jumping in a picture with my people and then them seeing it on my blog or IG.  In my real life, I have some of the best friends in the entire world though.  I suppose the inner-workings of what makes a friendship happen and work is a whole 'nother blog post.  I just hope you have at least one friend as dear as this one is to us. 
My sweet Daddy!! We also don't get in pictures together very often but I made sure to jump in and ask for one at my party. 

 At night this table just looked magical.  
Surprisingly I mostly enjoyed the table before and after the party, not during. 
Brett said quite a few people sat at it during the actual birthday, but it was super hot that day and I think the grown-ups were trying to keep up with the kids, who far outnumbered the grown-ups! 

We'll have to recreate this look for an autumn evening date night. 
My cat clearly liked the table. 
So this little birthday party was a bucket list item for me and I'm so glad we did it! 
Our house and yard was completely filled with friends and family, children running everywhere.  There was Mexican food and lots of laughing. 
A full house equaled a full heart. 

Now in full honesty, I'm also an extroverted introvert, but still an introvert! Afterwards I definitely needed some quiet time to just sit and not talk.  That's real life talk for you! 

Have you ever hosted a gathering?  Or have you wanted to? 

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