Have yourself a merry (rosy) Christmas!

Hi everyone! I'm popping in for a quick hello and look back at the past few weeks. 
And then it's "see you soon!" It's no secret my life has shifted lately with the addition of our precious boy.  We've also all been fighting off sickness for a couple of weeks, but are finally on the mend! With that said, I'm going to be on the computer a lot less over the next few weeks.  If you need me, I'll be cooking, eating, playing, and taking care of my three little ones! We are beyond excited about Christmas!  I'll be back to blogging later. 

Here's a peek at what we've been up to, at least in snippets! Betsy turned FIVE.  We had a birthday party with "just" the cousins, which actually equals a dozen kiddos.   I had all this junk piled up on the table and let the kids make robots.  They loved it! 
The girls got to attend a winter tea party at their cousin's house and got all dolled up. 
You may notice the bare legs-it has been unseasonably warm here in Arkansas.

In fact, until about a week ago this was our garden.  We still had greens to pick and plenty to eat.  Since then the frost has ruined it. But there are still a few carrots and dill hanging on! 

The winter sunsets are absolutely one of my top favorite things about the season.  They just get to me, every single time.  I don't ever tire of them. 
I've been trying most of the time to make treats but in a healthier version.  We're not always good though, especially when we've been sick! The struggle is always real. 

But these gluten-free sugar cookies were amazing! Betsy and I baked them and then we had a cookie decorating night later with the rest of the family. 

Also, the light. 
My goodness how it gets to me.  That rich, buttery, golden light that seeps into cracks and crevices that only winter can find. 
Betsy and I also made homemade marshmallows and they have almost changed our lives. 
They are THAT GOOD.  I mean, delicious.  And pretty darn healthy too. 
I could list a million reasons why I love them. 
You should google "Homemade Marshmallow Recipe" from Mommypotamus.com
I stitched up some colorful bunting banners to give to all the sweet teachers that bless our lives. 
It took me more days than it should have, but it felt good to give something handmade. 
The girls almost always have our dining room table filled up, either with Legos or something crafty. 
I'm finding myself facing this Christmas with more depth of emotion and joy and everything than ever before.  God is good, this I know.  This year He has been my strength and joy, my constant light in the darkness.  My goodness how we're excited and ready to celebrate Jesus's birth. 

I appreciate each of you readers.  I don't always know who reads or not but sometimes I get an in-person comment about my blog and it always both surprises and delights me that someone would stop in and read.  I'm right here, doing real life with you all, trying to throw in some rosy too! 

You are so loved, 
and have yourself a Merry Christmas! 


  1. Merry Christmas Sara! I hope your little family (of 5) has a wonderful Christmas and lots of fun and rest! See ya next year :)

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family Sara. Sounds like a full and happy life, plenty to be thankful for, and tons of love wrapped up in the season.


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