Hello FriYay: Week 11

This morning I'm celebrating the fact that this is my SECOND blog post in a week, due to last week's make-up blog on Tuesday.  I mean, I'm not going pro or anything, but this is pretty big time for me, don't you think? 

Side note: how to totally flush your blog stats down the toilet-start only blogging on Fridays.  Or as I like to call it "Fri-YAY!" 

Do people pay attention to their blog stats? I used to. I still check on them, but not as a measure of how well I'm doing. Just out of curiosity. You know what makes this blogging gig feel successful? Because I've certainly thought a lot about not posting at all.  I tend to lean more towards my privacy/INFJ personality lately.  But it's all you lovely people who DO read and comment here or on FB or IG.  Especially those of you who appreciate the rosy lists.  You're the reason I keep coming around here instead of hiding my photos for my eyes only. (lol)
Anyway, off that lovely little tangent and into this past week.  We still haven't had another foster care placement, just in case you're wondering.  We've said "yes" but nothing has worked out so far.  And so we continue to pray and wait, believing that staying in this for the long haul matters so, so much.   

I just can't say enough how heartbroken I have become for these precious children in the foster care system and I've only become aware of the needs in Arkansas.  Never mind the fact that the whole United States is filled with precious foster kiddos.  This fact makes my heart race a little faster and makes me want to scream "do something! Quick, let's help!" in a frenzy.  

There is no quick "fix" for this.  But there are people behind-the-scenes making a difference in foster care and I think they must be angels on earth. 

That's life these days.  It's carrying a permanent heartbreak for foster kids along with HUGE love for my girls and their growing interests, along with thoughts of painting, house projects, photography, and cooking.  Always so many cooking thoughts. 

It's a strange feeling to go from hearing the girls excitement over a mini bag of Cheetos to their excitement over a possible foster brother or sister.  

But friends, I'm convinced this is the good, gritty stuff of life.  This is where I'm finding God more than ever. 

We enjoyed a visit at Grandma and Papaw's this week!  It had been way, way too long since we'd been because they were having some unexpected kitchen issues.  Reunited and it feels so good is what they say.  "They" are right. 
We brought Snickerdoodles to celebrate Papaw's birthday that was earlier in the month.  He is 84 years young. :) 

Papaw got started telling how he asked Grandma to wait for him when he was going away as a young adult.  As he told the story he had to sit with his hand cupped over his mouth and just be quiet for a minute as he teared up.  Then Grandma got teared up too. Just so, so precious.  

These two mean the world to me. 

Papaw and Betsy enjoying a book together! 
And my phone, always in the shot because I'm always listening for a foster care text. 

The passionflowers are back on the fence row!
Google the meaning of these. Trust me. 

One night this week I did some lightning bug spotting/photographing while Brett finished up on the tractor. I was trying to capture several in the frame, with this trail of light like you see.  For now one will do. 

Our girls are certainly country gals!  After Brett baled hay the girls couldn't wait to go play! 
I guess I've been spending a lot of time outdoors in the evenings because another night I went down to the farm and took some shots of the golden hour.  I even have the chigger bites to prove it. 

The golden hour is yet another reason why I adore summer.  Staying outside until at least 9?  Yes, please.  

I picked all of this from the garden one day.  Yep you read right! All in one day.  We will eat all this before it spoils and also share with family and friends.  It's at the point in the summer now where I'm really trying to be creative with those cucumbers and zucchini.  I like to chop them raw, add some peppers and olives, and pour a dressing over them.  Quick and tasty! 
I'm not sure where this painting is going but I like it. 
Betsy is always finding heart rocks for me!  Yet another way she's very much like her mama. 
Breakfast on the porch is our favorite!  I do feel like our porch is never clean though.  So much dog hair and so many bugs.  Just keeping it real.  Doesn't stop us from enjoying it though! 
I'm really enjoying this little part of our house lately!  I took this in the BRIGHT early morning sun which always gives such a harsh look to photos.  But realistic!  That morning sun is fierce!

If you saw my last blog post then you'll know I'm currently loving the zinnias very much.  My little "endurance" flowers.  
(I want this shot printed BIG)
Well friends, what are you up to? 
How's your summer?  Do you have something to look forward to, a book to read, a good meal to cook, a prayer to say? I hope so. 

Here's what I'm looking forward to over the weekend and on into next week: 
Starting a new book
Figuring out how to keep eating a plant-based diet without fainting from need of chips (lol)
Possibly a smallish nap
a DIY slip-n-slide
Decluttering the whole house
Watching Gilmore again because there aren't any good movies out

And my good friends "Chores"...dishes, laundry, gardening, cooking.... :) 

Here's to keeping some room in our hearts for the unimaginable and remembering Jesus loves us! 


  1. I, like you, LOVE GG. But you should try "Doc Martin". It's a PBS series from England that reminds me of an English GG! Quirky town, lovable characters, and BEAUTIFUL scenery! I think it's available on Netflix or Amazon prime. And zinnias are my FAVORITE! Yours are LOVELY! Happy Weekend, Sara!

    1. Hi Jen! Blogger is finally letting me comment. :) I tried Doc Martin! I actually got it from our local library! I liked it, although I will admit I keep watching Gilmore Girls too.

  2. I had to laugh at your how to make your blog numbers tank comment. Try leaving your blog untouched for months on end...oh, well, life isn't about numbers or readers. The thing I ask myself is, do I enjoy sharing it? As long as the answer is yes then I type. I love your photos as always. Beautiful post.

    1. Hi Patty! I sure have enjoyed seeing your videos! It is so nice to have a voice to put with your wonderful words and photos.

  3. Hi Sara - I love your blog - I have been following it for years and your photos are amazing. A while back I saw you had the great idea of putting a globe on your kitchen table as a center piece and family conversation starter. Awesome idea and I am going to try it. Do you have any other suggestions for things like that for our family? We have a ten and four year old and are looking for things to spark conversation and even educate a bit. Thanks :) Amanda

    1. Hi Amanda! Thank-you so much for your incredibly kind words. I am so glad you're following along! As for the globe question...I am no expert and really just strive to have a very hands-on home. The people in my home are far more precious than the things. I have a few areas that are just for me, like the desk I'm writing at right now! And my camera. But we mostly strive to have things like nature guides, maps, puzzles, art supplies, etc. within reach. We also play outside a ton and I find that sparks lots of conversation when we take a nature book outside and try to identify what we see.

      Mostly having a hands-on home is what has sparked most of our conversations!


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