Hello FriYay: Week 7!

Yippee!!! I made it back to the blog! A few weeks back I posted a quick sentence or two on Facebook basically explaining that life got away from me and I'd be back soon.  This summer I've been intentional about spending less and less time on social media, which feels fantastic in my own personal world. But the truth is there are many texts, comments, and emails I'm still just not doing a good job of keeping up with. I find it tricky to navigate, this yearning to be fully present with my tinier, real-life world yet looking like such a rude person for not getting back to every message or request.  Does anyone have any insight here?  

I am currently sorta tied to my phone 24/7 and need to be because we became an official open home for foster care this week! 

I find myself at a constant loss when trying to explain this unique waiting position we're in. 
I feel a tender, heavy, bright yet bittersweet excitement about welcoming a little one in. 

Broken and beautiful. 
That is what this season is to me. Although I haven't carried this little one (we're open to newborns through age 2) in my own womb, I've been carrying them in my heart for two straight years since we started this journey. 

"For this child I prayed"...says the Bible.  
No social media postings are allowed at all (photos I mean) but I'll let you know when we have a little one in our home so you can pray. "Little One" will be their name, how about that? We don't know when they're coming, how old they'll be, or whether a boy or girl. We just know we've been called to be mama and daddy.

In other news, this week officially feels like the start of summer! 
The girls actually finished pre-school a few weeks ago (3 I think?!) but then life kind of swirled into a mess for about a week and then we went on vacation. Brett was out of town for work the week before we left for Fort Morgan, Alabama.  Our garage door broke that week and then the girls and I all got the stomach bug. I describe that week as a new low. Not the end of the world, but I'll admit I was just about in a heap of tears on the floor.  It was a BAD stomach bug. 

But Brett came home and never got sick, we prayed like crazy, threw some stuff in the suitcase and off we went. I had already packed all the food and snacks for the road, plus toys and movies for the girls.  The car was cleaned.  Really, all the big stuff was done ahead of time, making the 12 hour drive go very well! 
We ended up only arriving a few hours later than planned to our condo in Fort Morgan and had the best week! It rained plenty while we were there, but the week was also full of relaxing and delicious food and even better company.  

And you guys, just the best memories in the world happened that week.  Things like walking in the rain on the beach, going for a 30-minute walk with the girls and finding 29 sand-dollars one after another, trying new foods like shrimp and grits, finding starfish, a date with Brett, and a stroll on the beach at night to watch the crabs. 

Travel, you win. 
Where to next?!
Wanderlust for life. 
We came home and boy did it feel good to be home, all of us together and healthy. 
I immediately was ready to start cleaning, grocery shopping, and keeping up with the chores.  
OH, and celebrate summer! 

So far this week we've been to the children's museum, the library, and the pool!
We've also made rice krispie treats and given ourselves plenty of time for gardening and enjoying home. 
I'm finding that I'm able to do less these days in order to really do more. Meaning my daily summer goals were: 
1.) Read the bible and worship daily
2.) Home-keeping including dishes, laundry, cooking, cleaning, etc.
3.) Exercise/make my health a priority
4.) Learning time with the girls
5.) Be creative in some way-take a photograph, paint, work on a project, scrapbook, etc.

Some days I do numbers 1-5 in even increments.  Other days it's mostly chores, with a few other things off the list fit in.  And really this list is more of the heart and soul behind my days, rather than a checklist I absolutely must follow. 

There are certainly signs of summer popping up everywhere! 
Wild blackberries, the kiddie pool as a permanent lawn fixture, the rosy maple moth we discovered are all tiny reminders of my most favorite season EVER. Ever.

This is most certainly our busiest time of year between the yard, garden, and farm.  The work never ends.  Yet there's also beauty by the bucket loads to be noticed or else we'll blink and another summer will be over.  

We awoke last week to the most gorgeous, moody fog outside.  Betsy Grace wanted to go take a look in the yard with me so I grabbed my camera, scooped her up, and off we went. 

The webs just make my heart go pitter-patter every single time.  So intricate, so utterly amazing. 
You know one of my favorite quotes about webs, don't you? 
"Don't you think the web itself is a miracle?"-Charlotte's Web

We had our pastures fertilized last year so that means the thistles are out of control.  Literally, they are everywhere! I still think they're so pretty although in all honesty they are a complete nuisance on the farm.  

A few other summer things I'm pretty excited about are: starting to learn weaving on a loom, reading a lot, and listening to the occasional podcast or two.  This week it was "The Happy Hour" podcast by Jamie Ivey with guest Sarah Harmeyer of "Neighbor's Table" (episode 144) that really got my heart and attention.  

The days are full, my friends. 
What is life like in your part of the world? 
What are you reading and watching and listening to? 
Looking forward to?


  1. Hi Sara! Sounds like y'all have had a great and busy few weeks (minus the illness)!

    Addressing the social media thing - I'm with you on that! I find it such a pull between that creative side that wants to share my creativity with everyone, but yet, that side of me that just wants to go wash clothes and be normal :) As far as answering those who reach out - I think it's important. At least to set a timer each day and give 30 minutes to responding to how ever many you can during that allotted time. It just lets people know you acknowledge their efforts and that they are taking time to read your writing.

    I know, as bloggers, we want to know that our writing reaches people, so it's our gift back to them, to answer back. That's the way I look at it.

    So happy about the new "little one" that's on it's way! What a great joy!

    1. Hi Debbie! I loved your response about how our responses are a gift to others. That truly makes sense to me, much more than all the networking advice that's out there. Thanks for commenting!


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