Hello Fri-Yay: Week 5

Hi again! I hope you've got your cup of coffee, a soft quilt, and time to sit and reflect on the week with me.  Let's breathe deep first, yes?  Is your part of the world as busy as mine in the month of May?  It's been a strange start to the summer/end of spring.  We counted on our fingers the other day, TEN whole months we've had fires going in the fireplace. Not all the time, but here and there at least. TEN.  Definitely not the norm.  And now the weather has warmed up, the sun has decided to stay and the whole outside world is demanding our attention.  From the mysterious fairy webs that show up in the morning, to the immense growth in the garden and yard, the natural world is teeming with life.  

I'm trying to slow the pace down at least a few moments a day to savor it.  I find where I used to have huge chunks of time that felt open to daydream, I now need to be as intentional about giving myself time to daydream and pray as I do for the dishes and laundry.  This season of life feels full of big changes-a new church, two young children instead of babies, entering foster care, Anna starting kindergarten, and some other behind-the-scenes things.  I'm mostly feeling like I'm just trying to keep up, choosing joy and patience and peace over anxiety. My biggest tool for keeping my focus on what really matters? 

My camera. 
My camera is like my dear old friend that puts blinders on my sometimes weary eyes and gently nudges me to look again.  And oh, that light.  Sometimes I'll be walking through the house, arms full of laundry and a tiny sliver of glorious light will catch my eye.  It's as if Jesus himself is right there in that patch of light, reminding me that light wins over darkness, love matters most. 

If I had to describe myself in one or two words, I would say "light-chaser."  That sums up  my heart these days. Chasing the tangible, physical light, the light of Jesus, the light I see in others.  This is especially big on my mind because Monday, June 5th we will begin to take placements in foster care. I might not have a lot of answers about life, but I sure do have a heart to help these babies and children find their own light and value. 

The girls are just about finished with preschool for the year and Anna will graduate, complete with cap and gown.  I will cry, no doubt. 
We are still working on eating healthyish, and I've been exercising on an almost daily basis.  I've preached a lot of "sermons" in the past here on the blog about making time for ourselves as women and cultivating our hobbies and passions.  I still hold to this truth but I no longer have two babies who sleep for a couple of hours each afternoon.  

I'm confident I'm serving my family well and taking great care of them, with great love. Goodness, not perfect by any means, not even close.  But my best.  I'm confident my photography is both a great creative tool and a form of worship to Jesus and the absolute best way for my eyes to be opened up to the magic that is this life.  
But as for creative plans for the future, ideas becoming reality, finding time to paint, I just don't know.  I just feel stopped in my tracks for some reason.  Perhaps it's because of things not working out in the past, perhaps it's because the waves of change are coming one after another, I'm just not sure.  But I know my insides and soul feel lit on fire with passion, dreams, art, music, photography, and more.  There's something bubbling under the surface and maybe it will rise to the top someday.  But for now, I wait. 

Did that make sense?  

We are so excited that camping and front-porch season is upon us! There is just something so relaxing about pulling our hair up and heading outside to see what adventures await us.  We just adore summer.

Anna has really grown in bravery around the cows and now wants to say hi or feed them.  
Life is funny, isn't it? 
As a child I was very, very afraid of cows.  Like I wouldn't even get near them! 
Now I adore them.  I mean, they live in our front pasture!  

We enjoyed time at my twin's house this week and my grandparents were also there! What a treat it was to see them! 

This week I'm trying to get caught up on Project Life (my scrapbook),
testing out some new kombucha (strawberry!),
wanting to start a new book, 
eating breakfast tacos at least once a day,
and wanting to make an on-the-go art kit to squeeze in some sketches. 

What are you up to?

I'll end with favorite lyrics of mine-"Spirit lead me where my trust is without borders, 
let me walk upon the waters,
wherever you would call me. 
Take me deeper than my feet could ever wander, 
and my faith will be made stronger, 
in the presence of my savior." 


  1. Sara, this morning I was writing out a list of the blogs that I continually go back to and yours was at the top. I just relate to your creativity and the need to be creative - but with the honesty and heart that goes in between the art.
    I, too, am at a complete standstill lately. The Lord keeps telling me that I'm in "prep" mode and to wait on Him. It's so hard to not produce! But, I'm trying.

    Your pictures are beautiful, as always.

    Blessings :)

    P.S. I love cows too!

    1. Thank-you for your kind words Debbie and for reading along with me as my blog has changed tremendously over the past few years. :) I guess we are at a standstill together huh! We're in good company, I know God's plans are more than good.

  2. oh those pictures of light...they are gorgeous!


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