Hello Fri-Yay: Week 3

Let's play some catch-up, shall we? 
As you probably figured out Brett and I were at the beach last week.  I had grand plans of blogging a Friday post ahead of time, but in all honesty that felt like it kind of defeated the whole "look back at the week" kind of vibe I'm putting out with these weekly posts. 
Plus leaving for days at a time means so many little girl clothes to wash and fold and pack, toothbrushes to be gathered, headphones jammed in nooks and crannies for the plane, and cramming as many books as possible in my suitcase. 
No wiggle room for the laptop, both figuratively and literally speaking. 

We hosted Easter for the third year at our house before our trip. 
I always love having the house full of shouts (from the kids of course), conversation, tasty food, and the people I love the most in my presence.  We missed my older sister and her family very much this year, as they were in the middle of a grand adventure and weren't in Arkansas. 

Still, we crammed a lot of joy into the day and even got to have our egg hunt outside! 
A few pictures down you can see the confetti shower the cousins gave each other!
We have the sweetest group of friends we used to attend home church with and even though we are going to a new church now, the friends have stayed. I'm ever so glad! I'm also glad we're getting out and about with our kids, exploring the sights and sounds that make our slice of Arkansas interesting.  

I'm a huge believer in travel and adventure and new places and roads and experiences, whether near or far.  

That wallpaper! 
It literally made me gasp.  I just couldn't quit smashing my nose against the window, peering in at that blush-colored beauty. I would move into this room in a heartbeat.  
I took this photo, seeing as it's obviously a very beautiful shot.  But it's not just the first glance beauty that has me coming back to it though.  There's a story here that my eyes just can't look away from. 

Something about those two benches, side by side, gets me right in the soul. 
Heart-eyes for days! We love this sweet nephew of ours! Anna has become quite the little mother when it comes to babies lately.  Fingers crossed this instinct stays put until we officially start fostering!

The girls are always up to some sort of theatrics.  This particular evening it was a puppet show for Brett and I, our own version of dinner theater.  

Those feet tell a story.

Have you heard of confetti eggs? My mom brought some for Easter and the kids had so much fun smashing them on heads.  
Grandma and Papaw!
There is so much growing outside, between the garden, the wildflowers, and the new things Brett has planted in the flowerbeds.  You walk outside and there are literally colors and smells and new growth everywhere you look, beckoning you to notice.  
Something about this moment and this photo made me flash forward a few years when she'll be driving. Then my heart promptly said "nope".  Motherhood is so much about helping our children grow and fly and stitch wings together that will hold, but at the same time wrestling with the safety and security of sometimes wanting to leave my girls right next to me in the nest. 

It, like much of the rest of my life, feels contradictory and opposite, two worlds, two trains of thought colliding into one. 
The garden! 
I am working hard this year to keep the pesky weeds picked, to say "hello" to the toads, and to breathe deep and gaze upon the garden more often.

On our beach trip we went to Sarasota, FL and simply fell in love with the place. It's funny, I don't even remember what made me pick Sarasota as our landing place, but for some reason I did.  I then wondered in the days leading up to the trip, would I kind of like the city and beaches, or truly fall head over heels? You never know. The internet can only show so much. 
We arrived and our first morning got coffee and walked along the beach, just us and a few occasional thoughts.  A passerby offered to take our picture (an angel in disguise I'm sure) and so here we are. 

In love.
SO appreciating a small break in time for a getaway before all of life seems to change. 
(Anna starting kindergarten, becoming an official foster care home)

I mean, I can't even handle this image without getting teary. 
If you're wondering if it was REALLY that dreamy there, it was. 

Everyone-all ages, types of people, sizes, shapes, races, was out enjoying the beach. 
Reading, talking, laughing, smiling, drifting along, collecting shells, eating, throwing a ball, just being fully alive. 

I threw caution to the wind, waded out into the water and let Brett teach me how to throw a ball. Something so simple turned out to be great fun and turns out, I don't have a bad throw! 
A favorite memory was hearing Brett laugh a deep laugh as he figured out I could actually throw and catch quite well, I just needed a patient teacher and practice. 

Coming back home felt wonderful, our girls obviously being the biggest reason. 
But this trip did something for me I cannot even put into words. 
It definitely upped my thirst for travel and has me rethinking every tiny, silly purchase at home, instead thinking "that could go towards another trip."

What are you up to in your part of the world? 
Done any adventuring, whether big or small, lately? 
What's making your heart race with excitement these days? 
Any prayer requests? 
Spill it all.


  1. Oh my goodness. How I enjoyed this post! I love how you love your life. It is such a joy to read about and feel a part of. I adore that sign you took the photo of. I'm happy for you that you got to slip away and look forward to watching the next chapter unfold for you.

    1. Hi and thank-you! I'm so honored you enjoyed this post. :) I'm mostly doing these for my own record-keeping and find it such a delight when anyone else wants to pop in and read. I'm so glad you're here and reading.


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