Project Life Update!

 Project Life, an easy to do scrapbook, has become an absolute favorite way to craft my memories! I have always been very faithful about printing my photos so starting a scrapbook wasn't necessarily for that reason.  We have photo boxes and books all over the house! But I noticed how many scrapbook items I'd collected over the past couple of years because I simply adored them.  I asked for a Project Life album for Christmas and made it my goal to complete a page or two every week or two.  So far, so good! Really good, actually.  
 There is something so utterly relaxing and soothing about setting some time aside to simply make a page.  It makes me stop and look at the photos longer than I ever would if they were simply on my phone. It causes a flood of memories to fill my mind.  My rosy moments or beautiful memories I snap never seem extraordinary.  Just present and begging to be captured.  But once I go back and look at them all strung together on a page? 

It's like the beauty of string lights, one bright moment trailing after another. 

This is my little spot in the craft room where I put the pages together. 
This window faces our yard and farm and makes it so easy for my mind to turn off and my fingers to get crafty. 

How do you record your memories? Have a question for me about Project Life or keeping your photos printed and off the phone? Ask away!