Let's take a personality test, shall we?!

I mentioned in my "living your best life" post this week a little something about my highly-sensitive personality.  Like it's a real thing, not just something I made up to explain my soft heart and teary eyes.  I can't even remember now where I first read about this, but it was probably on the Art of Simple blog.  As soon as I went through the checklist I was nodding along, going "uh-huh", "yep", and "oh my goodness, me too!".  It was quite strange actually, as if someone described this exact personality I seem to have and put it down on paper where seeing it felt normal.
Reading up on personalities is a current favorite thing of mine.  I can't really say why, but that topic, along with reading memoirs, just has me fascinated.  I think understanding ourselves can at times help us better relate to those around us, help us identify our strengths and weaknesses, and proudly say "this is who I am".  In turn, I've found this helps me better form my yeses and no's and point my heart toward my true north, not wavering if a different personality type than my own is trying to persuade me. 
So I totally took this personality test I want you to try. 
You can find it here: 16 Personalities

I clicked through the long series of questions and was pegged as "The Advocate", or an INFJ, which stands for "Introverted Intuitive Feeling Judging".  They also described my type as this-introverted intuition with extroverted feeling. 
Huh....and here all along I've described myself as an extrovert and a talker, but the past few years have felt extremely selfish at my need for alone time. Turns out, it just may be (and likely is) exactly how God made me.  It's okay that in order to fully serve those around me, I need a bit of alone time to recharge. As I read the descriptor for this personality it made so many things click for me, mainly helping me see that while a lot of the things I do in my day-to-day appear to be quite extroverted, that my deep feelings and passions for life, people, and causes are part of me also being an introvert.  The lightbulb came on and helped me understand nooks and crannies of my very being that have left me confused and craning my neck to see what other people are doing and trying to mimic that instead of just being me.  

So, a brand-new revelation for me: 
1.) I really, really enjoy reading about personalities. 
2.) I'm a lot more introverted (like a lot) than I thought. 

What did you get in the personality test? Did it surprise you? 


  1. Loved your "best life" post earlier this week. I too am a HSP and enjoyed the article in the link you posted. With every description I felt as if someone were writing about me! Before I became a stay at home mom, I worked a corporate job that jump started my interest in personality profiles, as we had to do them at work and share our results so we could learn how to work with each other efficiently. Anyway, I've done the 16 personalities test before, and I'm an INTJ "The Architect" (apparently pretty rare for a woman to be this..explains a lot about why I've always felt like the odd girl out!) and 85% introverted....knowing this and understanding my eccentricities are actually normal for my personality type have gone a long way in helping me be more comfortable in my own skin! It's so nice to be understood! :-)

    1. Thanks Katie! I really enjoyed reading what your personality results were....and yes, isn't it nice to feel known and understood a bit more, just by understanding our own personalities?! :)

  2. I am an infp. And yes I love finding out about my personality. And I want to know everyone else's so I can understand them better.

    1. Yes! As soon as I took this I wanted Brett too....we are so completely opposite, but I've always been pegged as the extrovert and him as the introvert. It was kind of nice to see I actually have a lot of introvert in me too.


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