Breakfast Bowl (or anytime!)

My favorite way to eat a healthy meal is in bowl form. Have you noticed this craze taking the internet by storm?  The idea is simple-combine a number of healthy, squeaky clean foods in a bowl and enjoy together.  I guess perhaps this could be considered the modern take on casseroles?! 

I like to eat a bowl, such as the one you see above, for breakfast and then have a super light lunch.  Or even eat light for breakfast and lunch and then enjoy a bowl for dinner.  Let's dive into the contents of this delicious bowl of food, shall we?
I thought I'd share step-by-step how I prepare these awesome meals to show you just how easy it all comes together.  First I add some EVOO to my electric skillet on a fairly low heat.  While the oil is heating up I grate some potato.  I usually prefer sweet potato, but this particular day went for a regular one.  
Next I'll dice up a bunch of onion, either white or red.  
Then add both the potato and onion to the skillet, turning the heat up to 350
While the onion and potato are cooking I open up a can of beans, lima, navy, or black beans being my favorite. 
Drain the liquid from the beans and give them a rinse if you like.
Then take a fork and smash the beans down in a bowl, almost making a sort of patty.
See how nicely the potato and onion are cooking while we are doing other prep?  Now you'll want to add the smashed beans to the skillet.
My last step is to simply fry an egg! I then start taking things out of the skillet and building my bowl, layer by layer.  I like to place the potato in first, followed by the onions, beans, and egg. 

What really puts the flavor over the top is adding some salsa or hummus on top! 
Obviously homemade hummus is healthier but store-bought works too.  
These bowls also taste great with something crunchy added on top, like pumpkin or sunflower seeds.

This is such a low-maintenance, delicious meal to make!  I can easily get each ingredient going in the skillet, while also doing dishes or something else in the kitchen.  I can also easily serve this to my kids, although I would probably leave each ingredient separate from each other on a plate. 

Have you tried a bowl of food similar to this yet?  Any tips for me?