My favorite fall Pinterest finds!

*this first "link" was spam or a fake link or whatever it's called? I tried to give credit!*

You guys, can you even BELIEVE tomorrow is October?  I feel like I have some days where time goes by, slow as molasses.  Especially this week because we've been fighting sinus infection type stuff.  But then before you know it, it's Friday again! And THIS Friday we're looking October right in the face.  Let's have some fun on this Fri-Yay! I'm sharing a few of my favorite (only about 80 more left on my Pinterest board) pins from Pinterest, just in time for October!  

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You guys, I don't even make pie.  And I'm really back on my bandwagon of not eating it.  BUT THIS is a work of art!  Seriously.  I must make a pie this season! Check out the other pie crusts on this blog. Simply stunning! 

I hope you've enjoyed dreaming of cozy fall days as much as I have! This kind of thing always puts a pep in my step.  Happy weekend! 
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